Your Precious Body — Connecting the Human and the Divine

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Your body is holy, and precious, and designed by the Creator of all to fit your present lifetime. Your body is made for just this lifetime so that you could be in time and space and do what you need to do.

Greetings beloved ones, and welcome to Morning Meditation.


Im happy to be with you today, and want to speak with you about your precious body. Your precious body is what makes it possible for the Divine in you to become human. Your precious body is the vehicle in every cell, in every molecule, in every atom, for Divine life to enter you. You may think that Divine life is like a vapor, like a mist or a cloud that floats through you as a gas or as air. But thats not the way it is. Divine life, the One Being, is in every cell of your body, in every tissue and every molecule. One of the things that you might find noteworthy is the fact that your body is composed of just a bit more than 70 percent water; and the Earth is composed of just a bit more than 70 percent water. And so, right in that small fact, something can dawn on you, namely, that you are part of something greater. Physical matter is something greater. You are part of the Earths body. You match it. And the Earths body is both Divine and physical. So, when you think of Divine life, think about that. In every molecule of water in you, in every droplet, is something that has caused you to be alive. Something that is the life of your physical body. In every molecule. And that thing that has caused you to be alive is also conscious. Its not just a ‘thing.’ Its not just something thats wet that you can feel between your fingers.


Life is conscious. Life is aware to whatever degree you might wonder about it. You are aware. The Earth is aware. Plants are aware. Rocks are aware. Everything has awareness of some kind because its alive. And all of that awareness is in you, that Divine life is in your precious body. No matter what your body looks like, no matter what its functioning level is, no matter how difficult your life has been physically, with whatever kinds of disabilities, or illnesses, or liabilities you feel your body has, even so, in every molecule of your body is Divine life.


Your body, beloved ones, is holy, and precious, and designed by the Creator of All to fit your present lifetime. Your body is made for just this lifetime so that you can be in time and space and do what you need to do. This is Divine will, Divine intention manifesting in physical life.


I invite you to close your eyes now and to think of your precious body as a gift to you. A gift that enables you to travel through the richness of experience in time and space.


We begin by taking a few slow, deep breaths, breathing in through your nose, exhaling through your mouth. Do this three or four times, breathing in deeply.


And now let your breathing return to its natural rhythm.


Your precious body, your beautiful body is both precious and beautiful no matter what its level of functioning because it has given you a home in this time and space dimension for you to experience as much as you can possibly experience of life, for you to discover as much as you can possibly discover about who you are, what life is about, and who others are. Your body has enabled you to take a journey of discovery, and no matter what its condition, no matter what its deficits, that is still true. Only the content of the journey varies. But the learning and the experience travels with you in your body as an inner knowing of why you are here. So, although this does not make sense to the logical mind which values a perfectly functioning body and devalues a less thanperfectly functioning body, a weak body, an ugly body, an aging body – descriptive words that I use not because your body is ugly, but because the world often calls certain bodies ‘ugly’ or ‘old’ or ‘weak.’ Your precious body has been given to you to carry you through time and space.


You may exercise a lot, or you may sit a lot and not exercise at all, but how you take care of your body is more than about that. Its about love and gratitude. Its not primarily about functioning. Although functioning can be helped by certain things that we do, love comes from an appreciation that your precious body is a gift.


If you look at your body as bits of tissue, muscle fiber, bone, fluid, air, and blood, you will see only part of it, the physical part. You wont see or know how those things came together so that you could be you.


You could say, beloved ones, that this precious body was created to transport you into time and space from beyond time, from pure Spirit into matter. This body was created to allow you to move through time and space.


We dont yet understand the spiritual value of a body. We look at the body in terms of its matter and its functioning. And theres nothing wrong with that. We want our bodies to function well, but that level is only part of a much greater whole.


What would it be like, beloveds, to have the awareness of gratitude so that at the end of each day you could thank your body for carrying you through another day of life, for allowing you to experience yourself, the world around you, others, light, the sun, life? What would it be like to thank your body for being an instrument of Divine creation, allowing you to be in life?


Hear my words, beloved ones, and thank your body for the gift that it is, no matter what its functioning level. Thank your tissues, the molecules of your tissues, the atoms of those molecules, the subatomic particles moving, creating life for you.


There are reasons that we as human beings enter into life with physical vulnerabilities that may turn out to be limitations. We may have been born with something not aligned properly on the skeletal level, or we may have a disease that flairs up later on or that is there from the beginning. We may have a condition that needs treatment for a long time. With regard to these conditions, we wonder how they can be a Divine gift? Beloveds, we have yet to learn that what has limitations on the physical level can have expansion on the spiritual level, something that is being gained by the physical limitation, something that is opening up one’s inner eyes, one’s inner awareness.. We have yet to learn that and to trust that.


You are a Divine creation, beloved one, and your body is a Divine creation. It is a gift and a vehicle which enables you to move through time and space, to live, to have experiences, to learn, to love, to be here. And so, I invite and encourage you to think of your body as precious, and of course, to think of yourself as precious, to value this that holds you in life no matter what its level of successful functioning or its limitations. What looks like limitation on one level is often expansion on another level which is part of the great adventure of learning what your life is really about.


May you be blessed with that awareness, beloved ones, so that no matter what limitations you are presently experiencing, you can hold them in the way of trust, openness, and an inquiry into your own being, the story of how you became you. May this precious body reveal its blessings in this way.


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