Understanding Purification: Upheaval in Our Time

GurujiMa  | 

In order for something to become purified or released, it can’t just disappear. It has to pass through our consciousness. Why? Because we are meant to grow organically as whole beings – body, mind, spirit, and so the transformation takes place so that we can integrate by making new choices about whatever needs to be healed.

It was decided long ago that this planet would transform into a higher frequency of light at this time.  The underpinning of this transformation is purification, both individually and for all beings. The expansion of light on Earth is activating the release of those energies of darkness that need to be let go of – aspects of consciousness that separate human beings from each other. That which is not love has to become clearer so that ws can let go of it through the power of light, always through the power of light.


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