The Practice of Alignment: Transmutation of Emotions, No. 6

GurujiMa  | 

Central to spiritual life is ’The Practice of Alignment,’ a way of loosening one’s grip on passing emotions through identification with the higher levels of one’s own being and throuogh involking Divine assistance.

At the beginning of each day we have the opportunity to set our sails in the direction we wish to go in. We set our vibrational sails in terms of the integration of what our inner life is going to be in relation to whatever activities of the day we’ll be carrying out. And this is the importance of ‘alignment.’ Of course, you can do it and practice it any time of day, but that particular intentionality of you wanting to move through life, through the outer world of activity in tune with, integrated with the deeper spiritual part of yourself, that’s the practice of ‘alignment.’


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