Trusting the Unknown in a Changing Reality

GurujiMa  | 

Trusting the unknown and surrender have something to do with each other. Surrender is not obedience. It is the willing giving over of one’s will out of love, out of devotion, out of a desire to serve, out of a feeling that there is goodness in doing that.

Most people have multiple levels of feeling about the unknown – what we would like to feel and what we actually feel, for example, about the loss of life in the current Covid-19 situation. Many of us are divided in two – the part that trusts and the part that distrusts., the part that wants to surrender, and the part that is not sure that surrender is a good thing.

This is the time in which much is changing inside, and questions are being asked by us, even if they’re not conscious, questions about what life is about; questions about how to plan the future that is no longer plannable in the way we thought it was.

In the world of the sacred that we are being invited into, surrender would not be a problem. It would be effortless because the experience of Divine goodness would flow through the conscious experience of life. So, it would be natural to want to attune to Divine will about everything. It would be natural. It wouldn’t be a project.

We’re in this crossover time between one way of life and another way of life, this crossover time that has so much difficulty in it and so much potential in it. And we are asked to observe within ourselves: What are we ready for in terms of change, letting go of the past, and adaptation? What are we ready for? Only you can answer that question. Only you know what you’re ready for. Only you know what you feel or fear would be devastating if you had to let go of it. And again, in all that I am saying, I am not speaking of the particular circumstance of letting go of a loved one who has departed from their body, because that loss is a major loss and a life-changing event of a particular kind that has to be dealt with in its own terms. It has to take its own time and be dealt with in its own terms. I am talking about the change in our view of reality as a whole.

Do you know, for yourself, how much unknown you can tolerate? Are you willing to let it all be in God’s hands? When you get to that place, there’s tremendous freedom in it, tremendous joy in it, tremendous possibility in it, to no longer have to hold on to something that you can’t do without.  This is a victory for life and for light – to no longer have to hold on. To give it all to Divine direction.

In this time when we’re facing major changes, both inner and outer, it’s a good time to ask ourselves: What is the foundation of truth that we’re holding? Everyone is holding something of truth because everyone is a soul, and the soul is living in its own truth. Your soul is holding the truth of your existence, whether your mind can accept or understand that or not.

I wish for all beings who have chosen to be here during this crossover time, the courage, the faith, and the trust to look clearly at the changes that are happening, both inner and outer, and to look with courage, trust, love, and faith at what’s supporting all of this change. Not only what’s changing and being let go of, but what’s arriving and asking for a place in our family. What’s arriving is more important than what’s leaving because it’s the building block of the future.  It’s true that we have to let go of certain things, and again, I am not speaking of the searing loss of a loved one that is the most profound event for many people. I’m speaking of the change in life circumstances in terms of our view of reality as a whole. What can you accept of the unknown is the question of this moment, and where are you with your own looking backwards and holding onto the past, instead of looking forward? We’re divided into parts. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a work in progress, and we just need to see where we are with it.

I offer you blessings during this time of change, and the promise of what is to come that has already begun to arrive. Can we put our faith and trust in that for ourselves, for our children, for all beings, so that we can join with what is emerging, and let go of the fear of what’s leaving?


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