Welcoming the New Earth: A Message of Hope

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What do you want for yourself for this year and for your beingness? Can you have the courage to be just what God has created you to be? This is how the new comes into being. We believe in our own potential.

Happy New Year and holy new year to you. I want to embrace you with the possibility of this new year, and share with you an understanding of how vibration works.  This is because the new year is bringing in a new vibration, a new energy.

Vibration is the energy of divine life that is moving through the Earth and is moving through your body. It is not based on what you think or feel. It is based on a monumental change that is taking place in the Earth’s physical structure. Because we are all one body, everything that is physical has a similar vibration. Everything that is on this planet and within the planet carries an energetic signature. Everything is being changed, you could say upgraded. So, there is more possibility for each of us to move into the next level of our own becoming, our own unfoldment. 

Such awareness and hope for movement forward is always what we do on New Year’s. We make resolutions and wishes. But this event that all are taking part in is not just about wishes. This is the physicality of the Earth changing so that something new can happen in consciousness – the Earth’s consciousness and your consciousness; so that the light of Source which is divine life and divine thought that gave rise to Creation can manifest more fully. This is the source intention that gave rise to you, not to your outer self which holds various issues in need of healing, but to your inner self, your holy being that is part of the Divine. 

The possibility of becoming one’s holy inner self has increased and is increasing, and that is because your physical body is changing and the Earth’s body is changing. If this is so, why don’t we all jump up and down with joy and say “That’s wonderful?” It is because we are not of one mind in relation to the possible future, the unknown future. We are also attached to the past, to what we have been and how we have experienced ourselves in the past. The things that you think are attached to you, problems, thoughts, ways of being, the old ‘stuff’ that you can’t seem to get rid of and that you feel is holding you back, you are attached to it as much as it is attached to you. You are attached to the familiar which contains the comfort of the known for your mind, even if it is unpleasant or painful. We seek our own comfort wherever we can find it, and especially in the domain of the familiar.

I sent out a message this morning about letting go of the attachment to miseries and joys. I spoke of letting go of all that we are attached to out of habit, letting go of doing things that are familiar that prevent us from being open to change.  This is a paradox. We want change to occur, but are holding on to what makes it not possible for it to occur. This is key – being receptive to the changes in the Earth taking place now.. 

If I tell you that everything has more potential for life now, perhaps you’ll see that. I want you to see it in yourself. Because the vibrational shift that is happening on the physical level means that if you try to release a habit, if you say “I’m resolved to do this, I’m resolved that I am going to think something different,” it is more possible now. But there has to be a willingness to become new. It doesn’t just happen. The platform is there, the potential is there. But the sense of being comfortable in one’s familiar miseries is also there. We choose our familiar problems instead of leaping into the unknown with something new.

The whole planet is being asked to wake up. The whole planet is being asked to understand what it’s left behind and lost which is the knowledge of sacredness.

Such movement becomes not just a matter of knowing things spiritually. It becomes a matter of courage to express what is potential in you. This potential is your deeper self that is asking you to give it space – not what somebody tells you about yourself, but what you feel is the potential in you, waiting to express. For this, courage is needed, based on the assumption that you will be alright. 

One of the things that it takes courage to be is in the unique, solitary relationship with the divine that is only yours. Nobody else can feel it for you or with you. Nobody else can affect it. It is just yours. Your holy name. The reason you came into existence. Do you want to become that? That’s up to you. The choice is there, but you have to have the courage to change, the willingness to step out of the box that you have placed yourself in through ideas that you hold about yourself. That’s the box we’re in, the narratives that we hold about ourselves and what we can and can’t do. And so, we repeat these narratives over and over again. We need a new song, a new narrative that says something different. And we need to have the courage to persevere when the habits which are ingrained in the body claim attention and permanence.

What we call ‘sanskaras’ are in the body. Yes, they are there, but do I have to be them? The separation is often not easy. The things that you’ve brought into this lifetime are emotions and thoughts that are grounded in your physical and energy bodies. This is the truth. Now, what? What do you want for yourself for this year and for your beingness? Can you have the courage to be just what God has created you to be? This is how the new comes into being. We believe in our own potential. We feel it as a calling. We feel it physically. And in this time, in this movement toward reverence that I speak from, it’s not just about you. It’s about the future of the entire planet. The whole planet is being asked to wake up. The whole planet is being asked to understand what it’s left behind and lost, which is the knowledge of sacredness.

The whole planet is feeling the results of the loss of the sacred. And so, it’s currently experiencing the consequences of that. The consequences are all the things that you see that are breaking out in terms of behavior, and in terms of the ecological shifts that are happening. Those are the consequences that are based on the loss of the sacred. We can be dismayed about it. We can feel discouraged about it. But I tell you that what you do about it is simple. It is what you do about your own life. 

Yes, we can address the larger issues and they have to be addressed. But you have to address your own life in those places where you’re not treating your life as sacred. In those places where you’re treating your life as a series of habits that you’re stuck in. Now, of course, I’m exaggerating here, because for every person there are areas of movement and areas of stuckness. But this is what the Earth is being called to and is calling us to – a renewal of the sacred. And each person is being asked to look at their life in that way. How am I treating my life? With what quality? Am I embodying the sacred with attention to detail? Am I caring for the people who are with me? All of that involves a return to the sacred. 

You’ve heard me talk many times about what many are like on the spiritual path as we come into greater awareness. We’re a little bit spiritual, and a little bit secular. We’re a little bit divine, and a little bit human. We are full of polarities concerning what we’re ready to do. And so we hold there to be a dichotomy between the secular and the spiritual, between the ordinary world and spiritual reality. People like to say, “This is what we do here, but then there’s out there,” and they point out there. That’s what I hear all the time, about how spiritual reality is separate from the rest of life. So, there are dichotomies. 

Another dichotomy is between the ‘social and the ‘spiritual.’ Now I’m being ‘spiritual.’ Now I’m being ‘social.’` What on Earth does that mean? It means that we go into our comfort zone. That’s what it means. It means that we’ve made an accommodation in being with others in which sacredness is no longer in our consciousness, because we’re being ‘social.’ The word ‘secular’ involves the same dichotomy, it’s just a bigger umbrella. Beloved ones, as deeply as I hold and ask you to hold anything, I ask you to hold that the Earth is calling to you to stop splitting yourself into parts, so that you can become an agent of change, of a return to the sacred. You can do that in your own life. You can’t do it for somebody else until you can do it for yourself. And so there needs to be an honesty about your willingness to do this, because if you don’t see that you’re unwilling, you can’t get past your unwillingness. You have to see where you’re holding on to old habits because it’s easier to do. Then you can make a decision about whether you want to continue holding on to them or not. 

Each person is the avenue of change for the renewal of sacredness upon the Earth. This has to happen in the absolute detail with which you do everything in your life, and especially in the ways in which you treat yourself. There are energies that make this more difficult. Some are in the body, some are in the energy body. Some are cosmic streams that create limitation that people have taken on in service to transformation of the Earth. These streams are part of what the Earth and you are purifying. So, the hardship of that is there are pulls in the opposite direction. This makes it more difficult to create change. 

Nevertheless, the biggest change is in your own consciousness. The biggest change is in who you believe yourself to be and whether you’re willing to walk with God. And you have to look at whether you’re willing here, here, and here, but not here, and not over there. That’s how we live. We live in compartments. So, be honest about this, because your willingness to let go of what you’re attached to is what can create a new shape for your life.

The river of change is happening at a very accelerated rate, Beloved’s. The Earth is changing, vibration is changing, events are happening faster, and In terms of ecology and climate events, as you know, events are happening faster in terms of changes in the Earth’s ecology. This is how we have to approach it, whether you’re willing to bring in the new, or whether you’re willing to face the past and be part of your own past. 

Now is the return of the sacred to the rest of life. The new is the removal of barriers and of compartments so that life will become sacred. That’s the new. You do that by choice, by courage, by devotion, and by love within your own life. All of that needs to be present and then the world changes. 

May this be a year of welcoming the new within ourselves and of becoming seamlessly sacred in our expression in life. In this way, we respond within our hearts and within our lives to the calling of the Earth and to the calling of the Divine which is loud and ever present. It says “My beloved children, I love you. Love each other. Love the Earth. Love to be here as you were meant to be.”


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