Goals of Purification, Part I: The Flowering of Spirit


Purification unfolds the petals of the soul which allows one to become more oneself, and at the same time to carry more of God’s light, love, and truth.

There is a prophecy within the Book of Isaiah that relates to both the past and present of the process of purification. It is this:

He shall cause them that come of Jacob to take root: Israel shall blossom and bud, and fill the face of the world with fruit. —Isaiah 27:6

This is an important perspective for understanding the world of purification today. For here, ‘Israel’, the seed of Jacob, refers not to a religion, but to the children of the Covenant when viewed in their deepest, most universal sense — namely, those who love God by whatever name God is called, and who desire to serve the Divine with all their heart.

The promise of fruition and abundance found in the biblical metaphors “to take root” and “to blossom and bud,” are conveyed in images of growth and expansion that God initiates and brings forth. These images lay at the heart of the individual purification process. And yet the prophecy involves more than this. For, to “fill the face of the world with fruit” implies something greater than that which concerns individuals. It is to cause abundance to be present for the Earth as a whole so that all can blossom and all can be fedHere, we have a promise, both individual and collective, which shapes the goals of purification and has implications for the present time of transition upon the planet.

The Earth is presently moving into greater resonance with the higher frequencies of spiritual light. The kind of growth that God has in mind for mankind as well as for all living creatures is, indeed, the flowering of the spirit — the unfoldment of the petals of the soul which allows an individual to both become more themselves, and at the same time to carry more of God’s light, love, and truth. This blossoming will simultaneously create an experience of inner healing, and also ensure that “all can be fed.” For peace and the fulfillment of the needs of all depend upon the immersion of each embodied soul in a sacred reality that includes all others. No longer can one spiritual life be separate from another. In the truth that is arriving, all will view themselves as One.

It is because purification allows one to embody the healing through the transformative power of light, that the world can ultimately be nourished and healed.

Without the embodiment on a physical level, planetary healing would just be an idea, not a means to bring the world from darkness to light. With embodiment, all things become possible.

Purification involves deliberate efforts to increase one’s capacity to embody and hold God’s sacred reality not for the self alone, but for God’s sake, for love’s sake, for the purpose of universal nourishment and universal redemption. At the same time, it is something that God ‘brings forth’. This partnership of the universal Covenant is what makes possible the healing and upliftment of a planet.

Upon the Earth today, there are those who seek to purify, already touched by their deep longing for spiritual truth and by a sense of emerging oneness. And there are those for whom purification is happening without their conscious participation, simply because they exist within physical bodies and are receptive to the higher frequencies of light. For both groups, it is light itself that creates the goal of purification and the path toward it. It is light that changes each individual’s consciousness, sometimes with a knowingness of what is happening, and sometimes without. As consciousness shifts, new goals come to the foreground. No matter what place one begins from at the beginning of this process, the ultimate destination is that of perceiving one’s unity with the Divine and one’s unity with others.

Many who sense this process beginning, seek to align themselves with Divine Will and with the goal of God’s plan for Creation, both for their own growth and expansion and to benefit the Earth as well. In order to do this, each must learn to bear the challenges, joy, and responsibility of the self-knowledge that light brings. This is the process of discovering all that one is, and it is a process of expanding truth and light.

The goals of purification, though multi-level in the specific areas they affect, are nevertheless singular, namely, to release whatever darkness lies within the self in order to return each one to their most essential being — the holy, light-filled core of Divine truth and love. This core is the reason for which we were created. It is God’s purpose for us in the deepest possible sense. As one becomes more of essence, one discovers that God’s purpose for us is a holy purpose. It is our reason for existing. At the deepest level of truth, God’s purpose for us and our own purpose are identical. This is the truth that purification makes evident:

Each of us is here to become love.
Each of us is here to spread love.
Each of us is here to contribute to the healing of the Earth so that all may be fed.


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