The Perspective of Oneness


From the perspective of oneness, there is only one being that represents the human family. The body of this being is the earth, and the consciousness of this being is the earth’s consciousness. The several billion inhabitants of the earth, are all part of a larger life that exists within and around them, for whom their individualized consciousness is but one part.

From the perspective of oneness there is no separation between the individual person and the earth, nor is there a separation between one person and another. This does not mean that all people are alike in their individual characteristics. It means that all people are joined in a common bond of identity within a larger whole.

To understand oneness it is not necessary to engage in scientific proof on the level of the mind. It is necessary to open the heart more fully to embrace the understanding that we are all one.

The unity of the family of man has been spoken of for generations. It is implied in all the great historical documents that nations of the world have generated throughout time. It is understood as a concept, however it has not been possible for this concept to become a living reality until now. Now, for the first time, it is possible due to the higher vibration of light entering the earth’s physical and spiritual atmosphere, for individuals to experience this state of oneness both within meditation and outside of it. Now, for the first time, it is possible that humanity can begin to recognize itself as having a common origin, common purpose, and common destiny.

Within the perception of oneness, the sacredness of life pervades all living things. There is no exclusion for any living being based on their history, their actions, or their beliefs. All are included within the sacred circle of life and all are souls. The animal and plant kingdoms, too, participate in this circle — animals to a lesser degree than humans in a conscious way; plants to a lesser degree than animals in a conscious way. However, life is more than self-awareness or self-consciousness, and so both the animal and plant kingdoms are also part of the earth’s body and of the earth’s being. They are part of the creation of what exists as one whole.

To understand oneness it is not necessary to engage in scientific proof on the level of the mind. It is necessary to open the heart more fully to embrace the understanding that we are all one. The heart provides the first path of approach to the experience of unity and oneness. Later on, the mind, through its capacity to make observations and to acquire knowledge, will perceive the energetic basis through which all matter participates in a network of connective energy, and will know through scientific means, that nothing is really separate from anything else. It has already been said in poetic form that “we are the stuff of which stars are made.” This is both physically and spiritually true. One day it will be said that “we are the stuff of which the earth is made and of which light is made.” We are all mixtures of earth and light.

The perspective of oneness creates a way of relating to life that places the ego in a less prominent position than it has had before this. It places the interests of the self in a parallel relationship to the wellbeing of all. Here, it is not a matter of whether one aspect in this parallel relationship is given fifty-five percent importance and the other forty-five, or visa versa. It is a matter of shifting perceptions so that one goes back and forth continually between awareness of the self and awareness of the entire world.

he ways in which the earth’s energy-resources are used offers one arena in which this shifting awareness can be observed most noticeably, since, in the past, individuals, groups, industries, and governments have generally considered their own specific needs regarding energy consumption to be paramount, with far less regard for the needs of others or of the world. It is true that there is a general consciousness of wanting to not deplete the world’s resources, but in terms of the seriousness with which this is taken, the part of perception that relates to oneness versus the part of perception that relates to the specific needs of the self remain in a very unequal balance, with self-awareness and the needs of self playing a much larger part on the screen of one’s personal awareness. This is true of individuals, and it is also true of groups, businesses, industries, and governments.

The shift has not yet been made to the consciousness of oneness which, when present, prevents the self from taking what is not rightfully one’s own since this taking creates a disturbance in the fabric and wellbeing of the greater whole. Put differently, the self begins to realize that ‘I cannot have more if, somehow, that having harms you’. Sharing, within this new perception, becomes more important than having. Not creating harm to others becomes more important than fulfilling an ideal of personal comfort that might have been taken for granted in an earlier time.

All who live at this time on the earth are here to participate in the self-conscious awakening of the earth’s inhabitants to the awareness of oneness. There are perils in the process and there are difficulties to be faced, for there are also forces that exist within the earth’s spiritual atmosphere that would counteract such a development. Nevertheless, all who inhabit the planetary body at this time are being infused by a new vibration of light that is present, and the capacity to experience the truth of being ‘one body’ and ‘one consciousness’ can begin to dawn now.

From the perspective of oneness, there is no longer a need to be afraid of the disintegration and abandonment of the idea that life can be lived in a solitary way. This fear presumes that it is necessary to separate oneself in order to preserve one’s identity. Identity does not need to be based on separation. This is the new discovery. One can have an individualized identity and yet be joined with others in joy and love at the same time. Identity, based on separation, is precisely what is changing at this time, and a new identity for individuals and for the earth as a whole is taking its place. This new identity will usher in a new capacity within international relations for cooperation instead of conflict, and for negotiation instead of war. It will usher in the possibility, for the first time, of a world at peace.


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