The Time of Awakening


In the midst of darkness, a great spiritual event is happening on the Earth. It is the time of awakening of the human spirit to the power of light and the power of healing to transform life. The external conditions by which this takes place are not yet visible to the eye, and yet the underlying energetic and spiritual conditions are coming into being which will permit the blossoming of spiritual reality and the connection with the Source of being within each soul that seeks the light. At this time, possibilities for transformation are taking place in the presence of darkness and in the presence of multiple situations on the Earth and within individuals that are causing pain and heartache. Yet, despite this, the necessary change is taking place that will be visible, once the darkness lifts and the light can make itself more known.

Those who are on the Earth at this time have come here specifically to receive this additional increment of light for purposes of individual growth, and also to aid in the dissemination of that light for the benefit of the Earth and of all beings.

Those who are on the Earth at this time have come here specifically to receive this additional increment of light for purposes of individual growth, and also to aide in the dissemination of that light for the benefit of the Earth and of all beings. No matter what outcome may occur for each individual soul on Earth at the present time, each soul’s choosing to be here now has, in great measure, had to do with the accelerated change that this time of earthly experience would provide. This is not to say that each individual soul will choosethe direction of light as the source of their thoughts and actions, for each of these choices is still entirely free and undetermined. But the possibilities for moving more quickly into an awakened state of mind and into a more attuned state of being with the spiritual realms and with every soul on Earth, now comes to each embodied being simply because they are here at this time. What they do with this choice is up to each one.

The difficulties that many face are difficulties of purification and healing and also the difficulty of maintaining confidence in the outcome of the transformation of light presently taking place, especially in the presence of great darkness. For it is a time in which hope for change must steadfastly be clung to until it becomes more visible and certain — a time in which trust in God’s love and in God’s desire to bless the Earth must be believed in, even in the presence of catastrophic and tragic events that involve great suffering. This suffering and these human losses and pains are not unknown to the heart of God and to the realms of light, and it is always wished that such loss and such pain might be minimized. Indeed, all help is given so that this might be the case. But the situation of increasing light cannot help but bring to the fore the counterforces of darkness that become exposed in their true measure by advancing light. And so it must be that the negative aspect of purification takes place even while the positive, expansive, and light-filled aspect grows in the many ways that God has intended.

For each one here now, this time has great importance and great meaning. It is a time of reconsecration to the purposes of light, and a time in which the legacies of past holdings need to be let go of where these do not serve God’s purposes or those of the soul. In order that this letting go take place smoothly and with as little distress as possible, much help is given from the spiritual realms and it is additionally helpful to have comfort and support from those whose hearts and souls desire to express in the same direction — souls with whom the path of purification and change can be shared.

In the near future, many tests will take place upon the Earth that will be produced by the desire of darkness to sway the consciousness of mankind away from God and toward its own ends, and such tests will involve the nature of temptations that have been described of old. However, the language will be the language of reason minus the language of love, and so those of the light who seek steadfastly to cling to the principle of love and to trust in God’s love will not be swayed by reasoning that seems to make sense but leaves the heart out of the equation entirely. Such reasoning is part of the dissembling of darkness to appear as if it is offering a light-filled way, but without love, this cannot be the case.

For each one who has made a commitment to the path of purity, to the path of light, and to the path of love, the time of awakening will bring great blessing and great joy. For the pain of the residue of living in a separated state — separate from others and from one’s Creator — will be over. Instead, there will be the rejoicing of a heart that knows itself to be one with all other hearts and of a mind and body that feel infused by the currents of Divine light that shape consciousness — that guide, inspire, and teach at each step of the way.

This is the blessed time of awakening that has been foretold since the beginning, and although the power of darkness may be in the ascendant for a while in the most visible sense, this visibility does but hide the true emergence of the expansion of light on Earth which is taking place now within the Earth herself and within every body, mind, heart, and soul that lives upon the Earth.

Blessings, and Amen.


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