The Karma of America


It is only with the eye, and heart, and mind of God that Karma can be weighed in order to determine what causes have elicited what effects, and what place Grace or mercy shall play in the evaluation of these causes. Karma is both an ‘impersonal’ force within the Universe — the Law of Cause and Effect balancing what goes out with what comes back. But it is also a force whose operation is held within the mind and heart of God, and in this sense alone it can be considered ‘personal’ as well.

We can never say that there is a one-to-one correlation between an action taken and an action returned. There is a correlation, but it very much depends upon the circumstances that led up to the action, the intention held while carrying it out, and the healing of consciousness that may take place following the action.

What this means is that the out-picturing of Karma can be affected by Grace, superseded by Grace, even suspended by Grace, when an individual repays in full measure of intensity their debt of energy to the universe. The origin of this debt may have accrued over many lifetimes, yet, in the case of negative Karma, when the moment is right, a sufficient amount of recognition, feeling, remorse, accompanied by a crying out to God, can, sometimes in the space of a moment, wipe the slate clean. The love and mercy of God can forgive or lessen the consequences of what would otherwise be an impersonal force through the Heart of God, which is the Christ consciousness.

Bearing this in mind, we can never say that there is a one-to-one correlation between an action taken and an action returned. There is a correlation, but it very much depends upon the circumstances that led up to the action, the intention held while carrying it out, and the healing of consciousness within the individual or nation that may take place following the action. Nevertheless, all actions, thoughts, and emotional energies that emerge from our consciousness elicit Karma, that is, the return of a similar energy to us in the course of time.

We, as a nation, generate Karma not only in the present, but from our past as well.

We are accountable for the actions of our pilgrims in relation to the native peoples they encountered.

We are accountable for the actions of our governments in relation to the land that was taken from these peoples.

We are accountable for the institution of slavery which formed part of our historical foundation and for the legacy of racism which remained even after slavery was abolished.

We are accountable for our incursions into the territories of other countries that we sought to impose our will upon, and for the lack of interest in still other countries, both near and far, when they cried out to us for help. All that we have done as a nation, past and present, generates our national Karma.

While we are accountable for harm that we have done to others, both past and present, and for neglecting to act when it was needed, at the same time we are also accountable for the goodness that we have generated. For the fact that:

Since our founding in 1776 we have held free elections — a tribute to democratic process that has been stable for more than 200 years.

We have not overthrown our duly constituted governments by violent means.

We have striven to respect the rights of individuals as defined by our constitution.

We have striven to uphold the freedom of each of our citizens and to offer them due process of law.

We have made efforts to establish equality among diverse groups within a pluralistic society, and,

We have welcomed the poor and destitute from elsewhere within our borders so that they could taste freedom and participate in the life of opportunity that was and still continues to be offered here.

In the presence of whatever mistakes we have made, and there have been many, we have continued to uphold democracy and the ideals of liberty.

All this gets added up upon the scales of Karma. It is weighed within the mind of God and we, as a people, both government and governed, are held accountable. Of course for us as individuals, national Karma is not the only source of our individual Karma nor even the primary one, for there are many things that our nation and our government has done that we, as individuals, have had little or no say in. Nevertheless, national Karma is part of the composite karmic picture for every individual within every nation.

What does all this mean for us, the United States of America, now that we have, within the last century, participated in two World Wars, created a bomb that had never before been seen, then used it in Hiroshima and Nagasake, fought a war in Korea then one in Vietnam, and are now fighting a ‘war against terrorism’ — a war that has no boundaries either in time or space — a war that will continue for as long as we deem it to be necessary.

What does it mean as we occupy territories of other nations, theoretically to liberate them from terrorism or from despotism, but in fact to preserve our own national security and national self-interest? What does it mean, that we are seen as imperialists, as ‘occupiers’ rather than ‘liberators’, as arrogant and superior in our ways of relating to the Arab world, much of which has come to hate us?

What does it mean? It means that we, as a people and as a nation must wake up to our responsibility — to find a means of relating to the life of the world other than by being the greatest ‘superpower’ of all time.

Our identity as ‘superpower’ must transform itself into an identity as advocate for the welfare of all.

Our isolationism must transform itself into a globalism which would prompt those in positions of decision-making to allow our share of the world’s wealth and resources, inequitably distributed at present, to be shared with all.

Our protectionism of self in the sense of ‘national self-interest’ must be replaced by a desire to protect the physical earth which we all share, and,

Our self-righteousness and moral superiority in relation to other cultures that we don’t understand must be transformed into a willingness to accord dignity and respect to all who are different from us.

It is only through the transformation of our consciousness that the national Karma we have acquired can ultimately be mitigated and transformed. There are many, many good things that we, as the United States of America, have done, not just for ourselves, but for all people. Yet, there are also many things that we have left undone, that we have given only lip-service to doing, that have caused the world and the peoples of the world to be treated indifferently at best, and harmed, at worst.

It is time for us to become accountable. Our very existence as a free and virtuous nation, founded on the highest ideals of mankind, is at stake. As individuals and as a nation, it is time for us to become accountable not only for our actions, but for our consciousness which gives rise to these actions. We each may feel very small in our capacity to influence those who govern in our name, but we are in fact large. If our consciousness demands truth, then our leaders will become more truthful. If our consciousness requires selflessness and we each start thinking selflessly, then our governing officials will have a new directive guiding them. And if having more becomes less important so that others may thrive, then the foundations of much of what drives us today, economically and politically, will change.

We can change the Karma of a nation by changing ourselves and our consciousness. Only in this way will those who govern, ultimately become accountable to the fact that we share one Earth and that we are one people.


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