The Effect of Increased Light on the Animal Kingdom


Changes in animal consciousness based on the increased light on the earth, will allow animals to evolve further than has been possible before.

There are many within the animal kingdom that are already quite advanced in terms of individualized consciousness.  This advancement comes about primarily because of their association with humans.  Those animals that individualize to the greatest degree have the possibility of advancing out of the animal kingdom at some point in their soul’s development and moving into the human family of souls.  This has not happened often since the dawn of Creation, but it has happened.  Some of the stories of Buddha reflect this understanding of the development of the animal soul which goes through its own learning process and its own period of evolution.

With the advent of greater light infusing all living beings, there will be much more opportunity for animals to advance along the evolutionary ladder, and for those who are able to, to receive more consciousness that will, in the not too distant future, enable them to make the transition into the human form as the embodiment for soul essence.

For the most part, animals do not have individualized consciousness.  They are part of the species consciousness that they belong to, with some individualization having taken place.  When they disincarnate, they return to the group consciousness or group soul that they are part of, rather than remaining within individualized form.  This is not true for all animals, especially for those who have been closest to humans and in relationship with them, but it is true for most.  The understanding of the potential development and future expansion of animal souls will do a great deal, when it is accepted, to foster much more humane treatment of animals on the planet than has been possible heretofore.  The word ‘subhuman’ as applied to animals has had a negative connotation, as does the word ‘animality’.  While it is true that animals are non-human in feeling, thinking, and self-awareness, their capacity for learning is very great – much greater than what is presently known, and with the increased presence of light, that capacity will become enlarged to an ever greater degree.

What is most sacred about the human–animal interaction is the recognition of the one consciousness that pervades all. Out of this recognition will come a sympathy and compassion for all forms of life, and this sympathy and compassion will change the behavior of people toward animals that are in their care. This outcome is very important since human beings, with some notable exceptions, have not generally recognized their partnership with life.  They have taken other forms of life for granted instead of respecting them in the way that sacred consciousness demands.  Animals, who have a consciousness that is fully capable of growth in a way that is similar to humans, who can evolve and who can feel, will become treated in a different way when all of this is understood.  The legacy of the past in relation to harshness – a harshness present toward the environment and toward the disposition of animals who have been used and abused in ways that did not further life – will no longer be.  In its stead will come a friendliness with life that will be more in keeping with God’s plan for the earth in which all are related and in which all are nurtured.


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