The Holy Earth

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Have we forgotten? Do we even know what ‘holy’ means when we speak of the ‘holy Earth?’ And if we have forgotten, how do we remember, for the very life of our planet depends upon our remembering. This life that is so precious to every living being has been taken for granted by our collective awareness for a long time now. It has been taken for granted for as long as we fell out of harmony with the union of all-in-all, and felt that the earth was a resource to be used by us instead of a Being that was Divine, whose love was the source of our continued existence.

To remember the Earth and return to harmony we have to lose something of our self-importance. We have to ask, not: “What is for me? How much can ‘I’ have in my life?”, but “What is for all?”

Let us remember together, then, how to return to harmony, for it is not that far away. It lives within each of us as part of our soul knowledge. We are Divine. The Earth is Divine.

To remember the Earth and return to harmony we have to lose something of our self-importance. We have to ask, not: “What is for me? How much can ‘I’ have in my life?”, but “What is for all? How much can we as a living unit of humanity have in our life?” We have been afraid to do this, afraid that there would not be enough for what we ourselves need. We have not been ready to do this. We have not yet felt the truth of oneness sufficiently. The concept of ‘oneness’, yes, but not its truth. If we felt its truth we would no longer be greedy and we would no longer place fear above love.

Harmony must be chosen by each heart that is opening to its own deepest nature and that is separating from the ego-driven emotions that have held sway. Harmony is part of our deepest selves and in the distant past of our humanity, it did not need to be chosen, for the lives of our ancestors depended upon our living in harmony with the plants, the trees, the earth, and the sky itself. We were in harmony because we knew no other way to live.

But we have fallen into another way, a way of self-protection that has obscured from our inner knowing the holiness of the Earth and of all around us. The Earth as a body moving in time and space has become an object to us that we can quantify and measure. It has stopped registering in our awareness as a divine Being that is at all times providing us with the gifts of its love. This physical object that we walk upon and that we are gravely concerned about at this time is the ‘body’ of the Divine.

What is it to be a ‘body’ of the Divine? This is a question that should burn within every heart and be a source of illumination within every pair of eyes. A ‘body of the Divine’ is we ourselves. We are housed in a ‘body of the Divine.’ Our skin, and bones, and organs, are all part of the ‘body of the Divine.’ So, too, is the Earth a ‘body of the Divine,’ not separate from its Being but one with it. Our obscured vision has caused us to see the Earth as an object and we ourselves as objects, but that is because we are out of harmony with the truth of what is. We have even forgotten that harmony is important in our daily lives. We hold it as a principle but do not live it.

In the heart of each of us is a prayer waiting to rise, the prayer of our deeper being, the prayer of our soul. You do not have to invent this prayer. It is already there. Its voice says:

“O, beloved Earth, how I long for your healing as I long for my own. How I long to feel myself one with your creatures, and with your air, and with your waters, that I may live and breathe the knowledge of sacredness, of oneness.” 

This is the prayer of every embodied soul, for it is the soul’s voice that is trying to come more fully into manifestation.

The holy Earth is abundant in her love for us and for all her children, both human and non-human. This is not a metaphor. It is the emotional and spiritual reality of the Earth as a living Being. We have become so separated from truth that we do not remember that other creatures have feelings and that the Earth has feelings. She suffers when her forests are pillaged and denuded of their trees and soil. She suffers when her species that are part of her single, unified Being are lost. She suffers as she witnesses the darkness of man’s inhumanity to man and to the innocent creatures of the Earth. She suffers.

This holy Earth must be reclaimed by us, first as an act of love that recognizes the existence of of the Divine within her, and then as an act of will that is ready to restore to her what has been taken or lost. This blessed Earth that has given so much of herself to us is still ready to give more, for hers is an eternal giving. It is not dependent upon our actions. Yet, she suffers, and comes out of balance within herself, and is in need of our help and our compassion – that which we would give to one whom we loved.

“O holy Earth, we give thanks to you, and revere you, and shall do all that we can to restore the harmony of our life so that we live in the awareness of your needs as our own, and so that we live in the awareness that the Creator of all has given you to us out of deepest love, that we may live the lives we have chosen. May our lives be a blessing for you, beloved Earth.”

Let this be the prayer by which we live.


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