What is Purification, Part II: The Blessings of Light


The time is at hand for purification to take its sacred place as the transformational event on individual and global levels that will change the life of humanity as we know it. More than a matter of personal healing of the past, purification is a stepping stone to the future, incorporating within itself the necessary steps that can make of each person a new being.

The blessings of this time are bringing to human consciousness an increased desire for peace and unity that accompanies the expansion of the heart.

Such is the power of God’s light that when chosen and combined with the human will in a desire to achieve greater wholeness and to serve God, many things that were previously thought impossible in the way of personal healing suddenly become possible. In this way, the understanding that ‘consciousness shapes reality’ is proven true, for the light which affects consciousness creates a new reality, making of individuals and of the Earth itself a new being, capable of things that were not possible before.

The roots of purification are old, for those who have pursued the way of sanctity and holiness from all backgrounds and walks of life have known and understood the way that needed to be followed. For some, study was undertaken so that the inner steps could define the path to be pursued. For others, knowledge developed intuitively. Today, we are at a new and unprecedented point in the unfoldment of this process — one which permits the sacred joining of spirit and matter. Due to the spiritual acceleration taking place on Earth, not just a select few but the many are being united with their higher selves and are becoming infused by the power of the soul.

The process of purification is profound in its effects and can transform every area of life in which light has entered. The steps of this process, formerly shrouded in mystery, are exposed today due both to the power of the greater light affecting the planet, and also to the evolutionary development of a greater awareness and appreciation of one’s inner life. The consciousness of many, today, are ready to receive those elements of spiritual understanding and perception that have been long awaited yet previously inaccessible. On both individual and global levels, light is now able to engage with the embodied selves of beings everywhere, creating a separation of light and darkness, rooting out formerly hidden obstacles to wholeness, enlarging the heart and the capacity to love. On an individual level, this makes possible an entirely new dimension of closeness and sharing within relationships. On a global level, it begins to make possible the foundations for a true and lasting peace.

The blessings of this time are bringing to human consciousness an increased desire for peace and unity that accompanies the expansion of the heart. Though the desire for unity and the foundation of this desire in universal love may only be visible on a small scale at the present time, this movement is gaining momentum on all levels including the collective one, and is leading mankind forward, step by step, toward a new way of life.

In relation to the force of light which creates the unfoldment of new possibilities, there is a choice involved, as there is always a choice within the realm of Spirit. Each human self must choose the path it wishes to tread and the actions it wishes to take. Though God is leading all souls home toward the light and love that is the Source of their Divine being, souls must choose to receive the blessings that are being offered. What this means is that certain values of the heart that may have formerly been discarded must now be embraced, and certain paths that lead toward darkness must be abandoned. These choices and the letting go they involve are part of the purification process which requires the human embodied self to seek to unite with the Divine.

Despite the limitations that may exist on an outer level, the choice that is made by each individual can be made by all, for there is no one on Earth who cannot be held in the light of God if they choose to be. The power of such light can bless all, understand all, forgive all, and love all. It is a matter of one’s readiness to open and to receive the abundant gifts that are being showered upon the Earth at this time.

May all beings open to the greater light present today and to the awareness of God’s love which lies at the heart of the process of purification. May each come to embrace this love from a fullness of their own. In this way will the relationship that has been prophecied from the beginning and sealed within each heart become a living reality. This is the sacred Covenant between the human and the Divine now coming to fruition, and it is the Divine birthright of each soul who seeks the way home.


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