A Spiritual View of Depression, Part V: The Light that Shines in the Darkness


The origin of depression may not be visible at all on an outer level where wealth, family, relationships, and success may all be in place and operating as signs and symbols of a successful life. Yet on an inner level, the inner being can feel bereft of that which feels necessary to life. It is this sense of being bereft — of having lost, mislaid, or had taken away that which was the source of hope and of vitality — that gives rise to depression. This is not to say that there is not a biochemical component to the picture as well. Only, that biochemistry is influenced by the underlying state of consciousness and the energy that it creates, even more than consciousness is influenced by biochemistry. (see: “A Spiritual View of Depression,” and “A Spiritual View of Depression: The Hunger for Light”)

Though light always remains present within each individual being, darkness obscures the inner connection with the heart and with the source of being so that this light cannot be felt.

The consciousness that underlies depression has become more widespread today. At the root of this phenomenon is the presence of purification on both individual and global levels. Whether applying to an individual or to the earth itself, it is this force, more than any other, that is behind the manifestation, today, of the darkness that covers the light’. Purification is based on the greater presence of spiritual light which separates light from darkness, bringing all that is not light into awareness for purposes of release and healing.

Global purification brings to the fore what has previously lain dormant within collective consciousness that is not of the light. It does the same within individuals. In this way, anger, hate, cruelty and fear can be felt more acutely within the consciousness of many, as can the sense of inner emptiness and loss. It is particularly in relation to the latter that we see an upsurge of depressive feeling-states today, and a growing number of requests for help. On a large scale, the feeling of inner lack is being brought to the foreground so that it may be directly addressed and healed. That this is true is both the discomfort of purification and also its promise — a promise which seeks to liberate humanity from darkness, yet which, in the process, requires of us that we experience what has formerly been kept hidden. In relation to depression, at its root is often the feeling of separation, lack, or void, and a sense of helplessness in relation to filling this void. This is the underlying consciousness that manifests as sorrow, hopelessness, despair, numbness, and withdrawal. The emptiness is felt by the deeper self that is hungry for light and truth — that is hungry for a source of meaning — that is hungry for a source of light to banish the darkness within the self and within the world. Both upon the earth and within individuals, this darkness is very prominent now, and it gives rise much more quickly to feelings of depression than in times past.

The capacity of darkness to create a ‘cover’ over light is what creates the sense of void or emptiness. Though light always remains present within each individual being, darkness obscures the inner connection with the heart and with the source of being so that this light cannot be felt. It also effectively creates a shallowness of perception in which nothing may seem quite real, and nothing that is joyful can touch or impact the self in a deep way.

In contrast to the above, and in the presence of darkness, there is also a growing presence of light arising, emerging from beneath the covering and pushing its way through the layers of darkness as it strives to reach awareness. This light is increasingly infusing the physical plane and has a direct effect on each human body that is present on the earth. Though at first it may appear to bring into awareness that which is lacking, it also brings with it a way throughthe lack, toward hope and toward the light of being — toward the recognition of one’s God-self that is the core level of each and every child of God. This core is both an identity and a source of love and joy.

Though the light that shines in the darkness may be invisible for the moment, it is nevertheless doing its work so that the covering of darkness can lift and the true measure of who one is and what life is can be perceived. In relation to this light, its presence cannot be undone. Its arrival cannot be prevented. It is a matter of waiting during this difficult period for the light to arrive more fully, and in the meantime, of anchoring the heart in the Source of light so that even under cover of darkness, its gifts and blessings may be received most abundantly.


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