The Chaos Factor


There is chaos we experience when things that we expect to work no longer work, or schedules that we expect to follow can no longer be followed. There is also chaos that can be felt by the deepest layers of the heart when the world seems to disregard the values that these deepest layers hold. This seems unexplainable to the heart that then asks in pain: “How can this be?”

As the old ways of separation leave and greater light is present on Earth, the world is moving into a time of chaos that our hearts can already feel, when what seems wrong in the way of disregard for human life seems to have gained a foothold in many places, unwilling to let go. This intransigence, born out of separated consciousness which refuses to let the value of love rule, is fueled by forces that would prevent the expansion of love and light. At such a time and in the presence of such forces, our hearts must become stronger, more loving, more faithful to the values we hold, more trustful that out of chaos, a new world shall be born.


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