Developing Unity Within Groups


Choosing not-knowing over needing to know is a very important step in dismantling the power of negative energies, as it draws one closer to the source of all truth which is God, and to the flow of truth carried by light.The movement toward wholeness initiated by light strengthening on Earth is causing a deeper need than ever before for people to be faithful to their own inner perceptions and values. This movement has to do with the development of inner unity and integrity, and because it fosters the deepening of each individual self, it can also produce individual differences among people, including people within groups, which must be reconciled through the power of love and the expression of respect.

The movement toward wholeness initiated by light strengthening on Earth is causing a deeper need than ever before for people to be faithful to their own inner perceptions and values.

The power of love is the most potent force to achieve such reconciliation in groups. Through love for each one’s God-self, individual differences can be brought into a more complex and higher state of unity than the case in which individuals share the same interests or feel the same way about things. In the latter case, unity is simple and relatively easy to achieve. However, where individual differences based on each person’s deepening access to their own inner truth are brought more into awareness, then, the unity is more complex. It is not based on similarity of interests but on reaching deliberately and with intent to join with the soul or God-self in others and to feel the oneness that lies beneath all differences.

The vibration of love makes it possible for people within groups to do this — to become aware of their unity in the presence of differences. Rather than blaming others for holding truths other than that which the self holds, or feeling wrong oneself, this vibration can hold differences within the context of love and respect, allowing God and not the will of the self to reconcile differences on a higher level.

Within spiritual groups, differences among individuals are sometimes attributed to the energies of light and darkness. Such attribution, however, often serves to divide groups, causing a sense of judgment and self-judgment, of superiority and inferiority, and the abandonment of the principle of mutual respect. Pointing out darkness within individuals, for example, often elicits a defensive response. It can create judgment, alienation, and a variety of projections. As a result, what may have been intended as a gesture to unmask the darkness, can become the source of more darkness entering a group.

For those interested in forming a more complex unity within a group in the presence of marked individual differences, it is necessary that: 1) no one have to sacrifice the truth of their inner experience or inner being, 2) that each claim authority regarding their own experience, and 3) that all seek to join with the God-self in others upon the plane of Truth and Love that is beyond all discussion. When this takes place and to the extent that this takes place, a group that is harmonious can be the result, with each feeling that they have a distinct and unique place within the whole and that their contribution is respected and valued. This valuing of all, held in the greater light and truth of God, is what maintains unity in the presence of diversity, and it is necessary as the fundamental basis for preserving the highest vibration of light within any group, no matter what its focus or content.


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