Transformation of the Living Earth, Part II


In the words of old: “Ye are made of dust and of the stars.” This is literally true. All that is, is made of physical matter and of light in some combination, and the light that is contained within matter is changing now and becoming uplifted.

The earth’s outer crust is permeated by energies that have resided within it for a long time. These energies contribute to the darkness on the earth that is currently manifesting within human consciousness. The earth’s interior body as well, known as the earth’s magma, carries energies of its own, and these, too, are making their way progressively toward the surface of the earth and out into the earth’s atmosphere. The physical properties of matter which are essentially neutral can hold such energies when it is necessary that they do so in order to prevent them from becoming toxic to the atmosphere surrounding the earth. This, unfortunately, is what has been necessary and what has happened throughout the ages. Energies of a disruptive and destructive nature have dwelled within the physical body of the earth in a way parallel to what happens within an individual when feelings that cannot readily be dealt with are taken into the body in a self-protective way, affecting the functioning of organs, cells, and tissues. Now, these long-held energies are being released into the earth’s physical and energetic atmosphere as part of the advent of greater light.

As a result of this release, there will be more turbulence in terms of atmospheric changes as well as more turbulence in terms of events catalyzed by emotional energies that pass through human consciousness. The key perception here is that the earth’s body and consciousness and the human body and consciousness are not separate. And though the earth has been able to contain these energies for millennia, it is now time for her to release them in order to move into the higher vibration of light that is now entering time and space and the physical substance of matter.

The positive side of this release is that it will set free both individuals and the body of the earth for purposes of growth and expansion. While this happens, however, events may occur and purposes be made known that may mystify many as to how certain things could be happening. The answer will be explainable in terms of the larger understanding of purification and transformation into light.

The purification of the physical earth taking place now will simultaneously move human beings and, in fact, all creatures on the planet, into a higher vibration of light. Again, the two are not separate. In the words of old: “Ye are made of dust and of the stars.” This is literally true. All that is, is made of physical matter and of light in some combination, and the light that is contained within matter is changing now and becoming uplifted.

This truth about purification has not awakened yet in the minds of many, or if it has, it is being held as a possible explanation of reality and not as a certain one. This is because there has not yet been enough accumulated experience within individual consciousness to know and to understand what purification means on a personal level and therefore on a global level. However, day by day, week by week, and month by month, the transition into a new vibration will make itself felt, and eventually there will be the indelible imprint of experience that will let people know that something new and of untold origin is happening, and they will seek understanding and an explanation.

It is for this time of opening that many are being prepared now, so that in advance of this quest for knowledge and for emotional and intellectual understanding, the possibilities will exist for coming to a source that will allow for greater comfort, understanding, and peace. For those who hold a premonition of change, however lightly, however tentatively, it is important to try to ground this perception in a more immediate and direct relationship with God and with the heart so that attitudes of faith, trust, and devotion toward the future can be held. It is also important that those who can hold the possibility of non-linear change approaching can have the courage to help others become more aware of it, to whatever extent they are capable of it.  No matter what efforts are made or not made, though, the transformation of the earth is already on its way and people will begin to experience the change in consciousness with greater intensity as time goes by and will begin to want to know what is happening.

What is happening is that the great and beautiful being that we call the Earth is becoming an illuminated planet. The internal source of matter and being that have been bound together since the beginning of her Creation are now becoming more fully alive so that she can become more star-like and less physical in her being. This has been called an ‘earth-initiation’ and so it is, for the earth is graduating to a new level of being, of vibration, and of consciousness. It is also an initiation for all those human beings who inhabit the earth who will participate in her physical and energetic change. Praise and gratitude to God, the Creator, for the gift of evolving life that allows all beings to move forward in their evolution in accordance with their plan for Creation, set down at the beginning of time.


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