Embracing Reality: Trusting Divine Unfoldment

GurujiMa  | 

Time is the Mother, and unfoldment is the means by which She bestows all the benefits of Her great love upon all beings.

The phenomenon of self-protection is found not just in relation to external threats and dangers, but also in relation to internal ones. In order to eliminate internal pain and suffering, we have learned to both avoid and deny the pain that we might genuinely be feeling. This has helped us to survive as individuals and as a species, and has created a certain stability within our lives. But there is a negative side to self-protection in its limiting of truth, and it is that we cut ourselves off from knowing who we are. Instead of expanding our choices and learning more about how to navigate within all kinds of circumstances, we limit our growth through the denial and avoidance of our own pain, and do not benefit from what life and experience are trying to teach us.

To embrace life in its totality does not mean remaining passive in destructive relationships or accepting abuse. It does not mean seeking pain for its own sake. Where life brings painful circumstance to us, whether inner or outer, we do best to find the opening within our heart where pain can enter, to take the time and feel the divine Breath within us that will allow us to trust our own pain just as we do our own joy. Both can guide us to the next step of our unfoldment. For this, courage is needed and trust, trust that the Divine is always present in every circumstance, and that we become more of who we are meant to be by not limiting our awareness for reasons of fear.

There are many of us who no longer trust life’s goodness in this way. We believe that pain and suffering come to people randomly without any sense or meaning. Therefore, within this perspective, it may seem entirely reasonable to try not to feel what we actually feel, to minimize or avoid it. The belief in the randomness of life in relation to suffering is one that has gained adherence due to the loss of the sense of the sacred. As trust is restored through the expansion of spiritual light, we can think of both pain and joy as life revealing to us something that we need to know.

This may not seem too difficult when pain is mild and we feel able to tolerate it and even to be curious about it. But when pain is severe, a greater amount of surrender is needed, based on the desire to walk with the Divine in all circumstances.

Embracing the reality that seeks to move through us, is a path that moves life forward. This path is the Divine Mother unfolding Her purposes in time and space. There are also false realities that claim to be true, and one must remain discerning so that we do not accept these as real. Yet, within the truth of what is genuine, we unfold in time like a flower opening its petals until it is in full bloom, and every step of this unfoldment is necessary for the arrival at the next step. We believe this about flowers, yet, we often do not apply this to ourselves. We are not willing to accept all the steps of unfoldment because we do not see them as necessary. We do not see them as the Divine.

The Divine One is in everything. The Beloved is everywhere. There are no conditions that limit this truth, only the conditions of our human mind and perspective that cannot understand how pain can contain good.

The Divine One is in everything and the universe is its holy body. This body, like our own, always wants to come into coherence in which all parts function in harmony with each other. This is the purpose of pain on the cosmic level, to bring the holy body of the Divine One back into coherence through correcting what has become incoherent or inharmonious.

Most pain serves this purpose, with a much smaller percentage the result of external forces acting upon the self to take away its freedom of choice. Also, some pain is taken on as an intentional sacrifice in service to the Divine One and to the evolutionary progress of humanity. Nevertheless, most pain is trying to restore harmony within the being experiencing it. The higher planes of one’s awareness are aware of this. The lower are generally not.

Time is the Mother, and unfoldment is the means by which She bestows all the benefits of Her great love upon all beings. We can fight this. We can resent it. We can be angry about it. We can withdraw. Yet, as evolution proceeds, and as our own soul manifests more within our human body, all will come to know that the Divine is everywhere, and that we are always and eternally part of That.


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