Energies of Opposition: An Inversion of Love


This “inversion of love” must be seen for what it is — not the truth of reality but a covering of the truth of reality, a covering that creates meaninglessness where there was once meaning, and distance where there was once love and warmth.

Energies of opposition to the expansion of light affect awareness in a variety of ways, one of them being to create a covering over the energy of the heart which gives us a direct knowing of what we feel and what we love. Such energies can influence consciousness with different degrees of intensity, creating an “inversion of love” so that where once we felt the warmth of our own heart as it conveyed meaning to us concerning situations and people, now, with the energy influencing awareness, the situation or person feels distant, less connected, and the meaning of an event or situation can disappear for a time from our awareness altogether.

When such energies operate to a mild degree, one can continue on with relationships and outer situations by not noticing them and not giving them importance, while focusing on the love and warmth that have been present. When the energies operate more strongly, it is important to remember that the sudden disappearance of feelings of love, or the feeling of detachment or aversion can be based on the sudden loss of meaning with respect to a relationship or situation, and not on a change in the situation or relationship itself.

Part of this masking effect is based on the phenomenon of “inversion,” that is, the reversal of what was warm and full of positive feeling to what is empty and cold. Another part has to do with the movement of energy to the mental level so that we look at a situation or person solely from the mind, thereby removing it from the warmth of the heart and creating a sense of observation rather than involvement.

Energies creating the “inversion of love” are present in great measure at this time on the Earth, due to the expansion of light taking place globally. It is important to remain steadfast in their presence, knowing that one can remember what is true, and know what is true, even if one cannot feel what is true. Steadfastness in relation to aligning with the deeper truth of the soul, whether feeling is there or not, is the way to move through such energies of inversion, which will ultimately reduce in intensity so that a degree of connection with the heart can again take place. This is to say that if one remains steadfast in relation to the place of truth, whether felt or not, oppositional energies will ultimately diminish in their potency, due to the greater potency of light.

The deeper heart of each of us is connected with our Divine self, our soul self, and so at the deepest level such energies cannot touch the place of our knowing. However, they can create doubt on the more surface levels of awareness that love is what we really feel. Steadfastness in relation to the knowing of truth must become a mantra in this time, so that we can walk through this energetic influence until its effect is no more. This outcome is part of the Divine plan for the Earth, namely, that the energies of opposition may have their day, but the ultimate outcome for individuals and for the Earth is the outcome of love and light.


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