What is Purification, Part I: The Expansion of Light


In its essence, we may think of the purification process as initiated by spiritual light and sustained by light in order to carry out the Will of the Divine. This Will moves in the direction of enabling the higher dimensions of one’s being to take part in life on Earth. It allows the soul to merge with the personality in the expression of a unified and sacred life.

The action of God’s light illuminates consciousness and purifies the body where hidden emotions are often held. As a result, attitudes, motivations, and feelings that were formerly concealed are now exposed to the light of awareness.

Though participation on the human level is essential in establishing the forms of consciousness and identity that spiritual light makes possible, the true impulse and expression of inner and outer events that become part of the purification process do not happen through one’s own intention, but through the intentionality of light which possesses an intelligence and purposefulness of its own.

Purification is a multilevel phenomenon whose domain can involve every aspect of one’s being — physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Which aspect will gain prominence in the course of individual experience cannot be determined in advance or by comparison with others. The relationship between the outer self or personality and the soul-self and between the personality and the subconscious or unconscious self is a hidden one for the most part, and so what light will reveal as areas in need of healing or directions for growth and expansion will be unique to each embodied being. What is common to all, however, is the integration that purification furthers, namely, to bring the identity and consciousness of each embodied being into a unity of wholeness within itself and with God. This unity is based on the harmony of love, and no longer contains those inner elements that create separation from the Divine or from one’s true self.

In relation to the inner life, the action of God’s light illuminates consciousness and purifies the body where hidden emotions are often held. As a result, attitudes, motivations, and feelings that were formerly concealed are now exposed to the light of awareness, and things one may have suspected about oneself but never perceived clearly are increasingly revealed.

As part of this revelation, the body itself may also begin to release both physical and emotional impurities, often in a way that allows consciousness to know for the first time the intimate connection between the emotional and the physical. The releasing of formerly bound energies in many cases allows one to sense the positive purpose served by a particular physical limitation or symptom, which is often chosen on the soul level prior to incarnating in order to serve one’s embodied life.

On the physical level, the intensification of spiritual light causes a separation of energies within the body which allows God’s light to be perceived more often and with greater awareness, even while healing is still taking place and unhealed portions of the self are being brought into consciousness.

The physical process of purification is greatly aided by the willingness to care for one’s body — to be discerning about the foods that are eaten, the substances that are used to affect energy level or psychological state, the activities that are engaged in. The desire for purity can become a motivating force that transforms one’s entire consciousness: diet, physical activity, relationships, the balance between work and rest. As it draws one toward God and the deeper truth of one’s inner being, it has the potential for altering an entire life.

On the emotional level, expanding spiritual light brings one from a more surface awareness of thoughts and feelings to a deeper and more refined perception of the emotional energies that influence behavior. Increased awareness has great rewards, but it also carries great responsibilities. It requires disciplined attention to one’s feelings and motivations so that a choice can be made regarding which feelings or attitudes one is willing to express, and which need to be contained because they are not in the highest light. The positive benefits of fuller emotional awareness are many. Feeling more allows a deepening of relationships with others, removes the obstacles to greater love, and nourishes and deepens one’s relationship with God.

On the mental level, purification discloses the underlying attitudes by which each embodied soul lives. In the presence of greater light there is greater clarity. As a result, thought patterns become more apparent, and whereas before one may have believed one was perceiving ‘reality’ as it is, it soon becomes apparent that much of what one sees is perceived through ‘perceptual filters’ — lenses that shape reality according to our inner needs, fears, or desires. These ‘filters’ were originally created by human beings long ago to serve the purposes of the ego in its protective function. As spiritual reintegration takes place, a true relationship with the Divine begins to replace this ego-function, and that which has served the individual as a mechanism of self-protection or defense is no longer needed or wanted. Sometimes, however, these habitual ego-mechanisms do not let go immediately, and patience is needed while the new ways of relating to God and life are emerging.

Ultimately, purification allows one to become whole within oneself and free, not to be limited by ideas one was taught as a child, nor by fears that are inherited, nor by personal traumas of the past. Each soul has such events in their life and they create limitations which can be removed as the process proceeds.

In the end, what each one becomes through the Divine and holy process of purification is a being of light who is fully aligned with their Divine identity and purpose. This is God’s intention for all souls — that each recognize their uniqueness and significance within all of Creation, yet at the same time experience their oneness with others and with life. Such a development of inner wholeness and unity allows the soul to emerge within physical life in a way that has never before been possible. As a result, all of life can now be lived in the oneness of the Divine, ending forever the separation between spirit and matter, and between the outer self and the inner being.

And I will bring the blind by a way that they knew not;
I will lead them in paths that they have not known:
I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight.
— Isaiah 42:16


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