The Power of Light


“To those who have, more shall be given” is a statement from the Bible* that has perplexed many, since it is counter-intuitive in a moral sense — an ordinary sense of fairness ordinarily telling us that to those who have less, more should be given. Such a statement becomes understandable, however, when applied to the above principle of light amplifying light. For it is the power of spiritual light, wherever it arises, to resonate or infuse the light already present within an individual, group, or a society, so that this light becomes stronger and brighter and is raised to a higher frequency of vibration.

The freeing function of light is a powerful force for good. When light encounters darkness, it attracts the darkness to itself, moving it out of its place of residence and hiding and exposing it to the light of day.

God’s light spans all dimensions and levels of reality, moving through time and space as a current of radiance that affects both individual life and human history. Where light is present on the earth, where consciousness is capable of holding light and the heart is capable of centering itself upon it, there the greater light may enter and make itself at home, illuminating with greater force all that it finds that matches or resonates with it. Often, this produces the many kinds of spiritual awakening that take place, for light, upon entering awareness, wakes up those capacities and perceptions that have been dormant, bringing into consciousness sensitivities and clarity that existed before only in potential. It is the illuminating power of light that creates true inspiration, both large and small, the perception of other worlds, the capacity to distinguish between moral truth and moral falsehood that represents itself as truth, and the illumination and enlargement of the heart so that it can love more, with greater strength and depth. All of these effects are produced by the increased presence of light within the body, heart, and mind.

By contrast, where light encounters darkness within an individual, group, or society, it is part of its innate capacity and function to set it free — to release it so that it is no longer hidden or bound within the structure that it inhabits. Darkness exists at many levels and can affect emotion, thought, motivation, physical functioning, and the capacity to sense the reality of the spiritual worlds, including the reality of God. Its primary function is to create a sense of separation between consciousness and the reality of the Divine through doubt, fear, and the instillation of counter-ideas about reality that create mistrust and disbelief concerning the goodness of God and God’s purposes.

The freeing function of light is a powerful force for good. When light encounters darkness, it attracts the darkness to itself, moving it out of its place of residence and hiding and exposing it to the light of day. In this way, do individuals become aware of feelings they may have carried for a long time without every having been conscious of them. In this way, too, do the crystallized forms of darkness that reside within the body, causing symptoms of varying kinds, become separated from the physical context in which they live. These then begin to release as energies, instituting a healing process that could not have taken place without light’s presence.

The power of light is the strongest force in the Universe. It is the force of Divine intention and Breath — the same force that was present in the act of Creation. Though the exposure of darkness to the human psyche or upon the planet may create an upsurge of difficulty as areas of negativity and separated consciousness become seen and known for what they truly are, in the end, the process heals because of the release that is taking place. This is similar to the way in which a fever that liberates heat becomes part of the healing process, or the way in which other symptoms become active in the body as part of the freeing of formerly bound energies.

It is useful in all cases, whether in pursuit of a general strengthening of light or whether in need of healing and of greater assistance with removal of darkness, to call upon the light of God, for the calling upon it opens the door that allows it to enter. In addition to words of affirmation such as “The light of God is with me, surrounding and upholding me,” the greater purity and openness of the body to receive light, achieved through the process of purification, is a powerful force for stabilizing light within the physical dimension so that further healing and transformation can take place.

*Matthew 13:12 — “For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.”


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