Principles of Light and Purification


Principles of Light

  1. The light of God is the most powerful force in the universe. It is the force of Creation that moves through time and space, creating the transformation of the Earth into the next higher level of her evolution and consciousness.
  2. There is nothing solid in the universe. Consciousness creates energy, and energy creates matter. The consciousness of the One contains all and has created all.
  3. It is through our beliefs about reality that we co-create reality. Beliefs are not conscious thoughts. They include thoughts but are deeper than these.
  4. The movement of growth of the human embodied self involves the completion of a circle. In the first half of this circle is a movement toward greater individuation. In the second half, a movement toward greater unity. Both halves are needed to fulfill the human potential
  5. At the highest level of God’s emanation, light and love are One. At the lower levels, light may become separated from love.
  6. In order to contain the spiritual light coming to the Earth today, a body of light is needed. For this, purification of mind, body, and emotions must take place on multiple levels.
  7. The path of purification leads to knowledge of who we are. The steps of this path are formed by knowledge of who God is. The relationship of God and self is the subject of purification.

Principles of Purification

  1. Light amplifies light and activates darkness. This is the liberating function of light. It releases all that is not light from body and mind in order to set beings free.
  2. Darkness is not the absence of light but the cover for light. Light remains at all times.
  3. Light brings all things into greater wholeness through a process of continual expansion.
  4. Thoughts and feelings are not who we are. They are energies that we carry.
  5. The healing of darkness through light happens through the absorption of the darkness back into the light so that it goes out no more.
  6. What is released in the process of purification does not return unless one holds onto it.
  7. Purification releases from the embodied self all that is not of the light. What remains is a transformed self that is joined to the purposes of the soul.
  8. The test of darkness is whether it emanates love. Darkness and love are incompatible. Where one is, the other cannot be.
  9. Where doubt or fear infiltrate the mind, one must move to the heart. In the presence of the heart’s love, darkness has nowhere to stand.
  10. The victory of light lies in the ascendance of the soul over the personality and of God’s reality over all that has become separated from it.

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