Anger and Helplessness: A Divine Reordering


Many think that anger is a fundamental instinct related to being human, and this perception is both correct and incorrect. Anger is an outgrowth of the ego’s need to create protection for the self once Divine protection no longer seemed available or present. The ego, instituted as the inner agent of self-protection and self-control, when faced with helplessness, seeks to regain power and control through the potent energy release of anger that mobilizes one’s defenses against a perceived enemy or threat. In this sense, anger is a mobilizing agent which attempts to insure that one is well-defended and protected from harm.

The way of bringing helplessness to God is the way of bringing one’s pain to that Divine Heart that can hold it along with one’s human heart.

However, anger as a defense against helplessness is not the definition of what it means to be human, except at the level at which the ego is presumed to be the authority as to what that definition is. As embodied souls grow during their time upon the Earth, a new definition of ‘being human’ comes into play, a definition that has more to do with relationship with Spirit than it does with ego. In keeping with this transition, a new way of dealing with helplessness needs to be sought and is sought, so that helplessness is not brought to the ego as the arbiter of protection, but rather is brought to God as the Source of protection.

This transition in dealing with helplessness redefines the foundation upon which anger rests. For if helplessness can be brought to God as the Source of protection, then anger has no basis for existing any longer. Unfortunately, though simple to say, this is often difficult to do. For many fear giving up the measure of control and self-empowerment that the energy of anger seemingly offers. That there is a price to pay for the use of this energy is not always perceived, for one can only generate conflict through the use of anger as a defense, one cannot generate peace. And further, one cannot generate true security through anger, for at the next arising of fear or helplessness in life, anger will rise again.

For this reason, those who are moving along a spiritual path need to seek a new way of dealing with helplessness, a way that allows the discomfort and even the pain of helplessness to be felt, but to be felt within a sacred container of divine Love. Holding helplessness on one’s own often creates distress, anxiety, and a fear of the future, especially when energies of opposition and separation amplify these feelings. This is not the case when one brings helplessness to God, for then one can receive the strengthening that comes from holding helplessness in love, in return for one’s gift of trust, hope, and surrender.

Many, however, do not yet trust this arrangement. They fear helplessness and feel alone with it. They do not remember how to bring helplessness to God and so they enact the only defense they know which creates a greater feeling of empowerment, namely, to become angry. Beloved Ones, this defense is not a real defense. It is a cover over fear of the flimsiest kind. For even if one is angry and in one moment reduces the sense of fear and helplessness, in the next moment these feelings will return when life presents one with similar conditions, causing one to feel helpless again.

The way of bringing helplessness to God is the way of bringing one’s pain to that Divine Heart that can hold it along with one’s human heart. At the same time, one can ask to feel held and upheld through the experience, knowing that no experience comes to the self that does not have a greater gift of learning in it. One must experience this to know the truth of it. It often happens, though, because of the years and lifetimes of perceived separation, that for a long time there is not enough trust or willingness to deal with helplessness in any other way but to seize control oneself.

Herein lies the choice regarding anger and helplessness today, namely, whether one will make a decision about how to ‘be’ with these feelings from the soul’s perspective, or whether one will choose the perspective of the ego. Choosing the way of the soul is not through control but through surrender, and this is a choice that each individual must make according to their readiness to release control in favor of something much vaster and more secure.

At this time, many are facing this choice between alignment with the soul or with the human ego. As the soul is chosen, anger will play less and less of a part in human experience, while love and the desire for unity with God and with others will play an ever greater part, coming to be the dominant motive which rearranges forever the inner emotional landscape.


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