Affirmations of Light for a New Consciousness


Affirmations of light help focus awareness on the truths that one’s inner being knows that the mind may not be fully able to integrate. Repeating these or variations that one’s heart resonates with can initiate a process of healing.

I Am a child of God, fashioned of pure light and the dust of the Earth.
My physical body is a container of light.

I Am a being of light.
My deepest heart lives in a place of peace.
Beyond all emotional turbulence, I Am.

No matter what I may feel, I am not my feelings.
I am the heart of the eternal Presence.

I Am pure love and pure joy.
My outer self may have forgotten this but my inner being remembers.

I Am God’s affirmation of life.
I come from the Source and carry that goodness within me.

I Am the holiness of life.
No matter what mistakes I have made, I have never left this holiness.

I Am a child of the Sun.
Pure light flows through me and radiates out to bless all beings.

I Am the beloved of the Father-Mother God.
I am known, and cherished exactly as I am.

I Am a learner at all times and also a teacher.
I teach by being who I am.

I Am part of the Heart of God and can feel that Heart within my own.

I Am the hand of divine Love that reaches out to others to lift them up.

I Am the light that never ever fails.
I am steadfast in the face of challenges and victorious in the face of darkness and despair.

I Am the source of hope, lit from an inner lamp.
No matter what lies outside me, I remain the light of hope.

I Am the pure one who is part of the Oneness.
I seek to bring all parts of my life into greater purity and love.


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