What is the Divine Feminine?

GurujiMa  | 

There is but one sky, and it embraces us all,
There is but one earth, and it shelters us all,
There is but one wind, and it nourishes us all,
There is but one Life, that is lived by us all.

The Divine Feminine is not a property of the body or of the gender of the body, but a property of the soul. It is an aspect of the universal Mother that brings life into being by first holding it within Herself as potentiality, and then providing the conditions in which it may grow and flourish. All mothers on the physical plane who have given birth to a child participate in this knowledge, for they have all held life in potential within themselves and nurtured it into growth. However, the soul is capable of doing this without actually physically giving birth. It does this through the fluidity and strength of the energy of the universal Mother.

Love that flows from the Divine Mother takes the seed of life from the Source-Creator and brings it into being. Before coming into being it exists as a potentiality. The Divine Mother nurtures this seed, watches over it, and creates the conditions in which what is potential can manifest.

This is the aspect of the universal Mother as Time. We do not tend to think of Time as sacred or as the Mother, but it is. The Divine One creates the ‘becoming’ of all things into greater wholeness through Time.

We honor the Divine Feminine when we honor the principle of nurturing the growth of all things: plants, creatures of the Earth, other souls, and ourselves. All things are in a state of becoming and we can assist in this process through the Divine Feminine.

We also honor the Divine Feminine when we become that which unifies. For just as the universal Mother holds all within herself, she also lives within all. This is the basis for unity — that we are all part of the same divine Substance that gives life to all. The Divine Feminine, then, is the principle of Unity, and when we follow this principle, based on the heart’s love, we contribute to the Heart of the Mother in her desire to express through us. The Mother is One. We are One within the Mother.

We honor the Divine Feminine when we honor the principle of nurturing the growth of all things: plants, creatures of the Earth, other souls, and ourselves.

Beloved Ones, we are more familiar on the human level of emotional qualities of love that we associate with ‘mother’ including: tenderness, kindness, nurturance, protection, selflessness, generosity. But the Divine Mother has other qualities as well that are intrinsic to who She is: strength, persistence, patience, wisdom, courage, and peace, to name just a few. When we honor the Divine Feminine in this time, we honor those aspects within ourselves that uphold these qualities. We embrace our unity with Her and our unity within ourselves.

It is true that it is easier for a soul to manifest these qualities when in the body that corresponds to the feminine. It is easier because the brain is constituted somewhat differently in masculine aand feminine versions. This is a reason why many souls explore both gender identities within different lifetimes. Nevertheless, since learning to embody the Divine Feminine is primarily of the soul and not of the body, one learns through attunement to the soul that receives the universal current of life from the Source of life, the Father-Creator. To say it differently, the Divine Feminine lives within each soul, and the soul in its receptivity to the creative Divine impulse is the Divine Mother in manifestation.

This is important, Beloved Ones, because we are living at a time in history when the Divine Feminine and the Divine Mother are emerging from concealment in the West which has traditionally been oriented more to the Father, and in the East, the Divine Feminine which has always been acknowledged on the cosmic level, is now trying to unite with its human counterpart to improve the lot of women who, as a group, have suffered greatly from subjugation, abuse, devaluing, and many other forms of inequality and oppression.

With the energy of the Divine Mother coming into ascendance now on a global scale, it is the qualities of kindness, gentleness, nurturance, love, and unity that are moving forward within our collective consciousness, to create a world in which we each care for all others and are cared for in return by them. This is the world that we are moving into, and we have chosen to take birth at this time in order to both witness and take part in this profound and miraculous planetary transition.


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