Hope for 2021

GurujiMa  | 

We are seeing, now, amidst all that is not light-filled, the sacred purpose of this time — the birth of a new America as a land in which all people can find a place to live in love and respect.

The world is waiting, now, for the multiple vaccines that will put an end to the pandemic that has characterized this past year and irrevocably altered our lives. The world is waiting with fatigue, with hope, with fear, and with a desire to resume life as it was before. Yet, the world cannot go back to what it was before. It is irrevocably altered, and we have yet to see the full results of this alteration.

The choice before us, beloved ones, is not just whether we believe that the world is forever changed by what we have lived through and are still living through. It is based on how we view this change, and whether we can flow with it into the future.

Hope for the future depends upon our awakening to what is taking place, now, in the Earth and in our hearts. For it is not just a pandemic that is taking place. It is a collision between the values of the past that have led to conflicts, wars, oppressions, and separation of one group from another, and the values of the future based on love and cooperation among all. Some are aware of this collision of values. Many are not. Some see only the injustices that human beings continue to heap upon each other that are now more clearly set before our eyes.

Today, in addition to the pandemic that we are living through, there is also an epidemic of disillusionment taking place in this land. The premises of safety and security upheld by what we considered to be the ‘structures of democracy’ are now being called into question. Where there was trust in these time-honored systems and structures, there is now doubt and mistrust. Where there was confidence in what people and institutions claimed to be true, claimed to be ‘facts,’ there is now confusion about what can be believed and who can be believed. There is also the growing sense that what we have believed in, in relation to the practices of democracy in contrast to its ideals, may have been more myth than reality. Democracy is being challenged, today, not just by acts that contradict its basic values, but by our own disillusionment with its possibilities.

However, and it is a large ‘however,’ what we are witnessing within our collective life, today, is not the destruction of democracy, but the history of this country and of our collective past being revealed to us with new intensity, and being received by us with new eyes. We are growing in our understanding of racial injustice, gender injustice, climate injustice, social injustice, and so forth, with a great need to rectify things through a sweeping movement of collective change. Such a movement is building now, and shall build even further in the time ahead.

The challenge of this moment is to not believe in the disillusionment being evoked by external events, but to believe, instead, in the light that shines in the darkness. This is the light of truth and love that shines in every heart and in every soul. It is the light that lights the way to our spiritual home. We are seeing, now, amidst all that is not light-filled, the sacred purpose of this time — the birth of a new America as a land in which all people can find a place to live in love and respect.

The place of hope within us is always there if we do not give power to disillusionment, anger, or despair, but trust and cling to the values we hold most dear: love, unity, honesty, peace, freedom, gratitude, humility. These are the values that live in every heart, for they are the values of the soul within. If we hold to these and do not get involved with energies that separate us, we will be able to deal with whatever 2021 brings without fear, and with the knowledge that we are helping to create a new and sacred future for this country and for the world.

Let us hope, then, for the light within us to grow stronger in 2021, allowing us to embrace the new. Darkness may appear to have power for a while. It may seem threatening and may create a sense of fear. Yet, the truth of light can be held like a banner within our hearts so that we can remain faithful to it under all conditions and circumstances. If we do not empower disillusionment, if we do not judge others but instead embrace them all as part of our human family, we will be able to feel the Divine unfoldment that is currently taking place, creating a new world, based in love, that is emerging out of of our own deepest hearts and souls.


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