The ‘Day of Purification’

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The Hopi have a word for it — the ‘Day of Purification’ — in which the children of Earth shall be confronted with a challenge to their pre-existing values through a series of calamitous events that will allow new values to emerge in the presence of much suffering. This ‘Day’ is upon us, for these events are happening to both the physical body of the Earth and to her inhabitants. It is not a ‘day’ in the calendar sense, but a time of intense purification in which all that is hidden must be revealed, and all that is in darkness must be brought to the light.

With love, we know that everything we do, think and say matters.  It is the task of this time to remain faithful to this knowledge.

Take stock, beloved ones. For all that is hidden and pushed aside must now come into view.

What shall our response be during such a ‘Day,’ during such a time when life may present intense challenges to us? What shall our response be? This question can only be answered from the deepest wisdom of our hearts, for only our own heart in its depth has enough love, compassion, and wisdom to move through such a time with trust and grace, and only our heart in its humanity can forgive the frailty that leads to behaviors and decisions by others that are inhumane.

We must go through such a ‘Day of Purification’ by first forsaking indifference, and second by seeking to join with the deepest trust in love that we are capable of. In the presence of fear, we assert the power of light to show the way through. Such light is present in all cases without exception. In the presence of that which discredits love or seeks to disempower it, we must cling to it as the means to endure the tempests and storms that may befall us.

There are many on this planet, today, who are suffering greatly through loss of their homes, their loved ones, through hunger, and through an absence of physical safety. We honor these souls through our wish to uphold them, and through the hope we maintain for ourselves and others. Without trust and hope, we become vulnerable to the wave of despair that many now feel about the circumstances of their lives. With love and hope, we can find the means to meet any new challenge that may arise.

What is important, here, is to recognize the power of love to sustain us during times of adversity, not simply as a thought, but as a bodily experience. In the presence of love and light, we may remain steady in the face of attempts at coercion, and also in the face of attempts to create indifference within us. With love, we know that everything we do, think and say matters.  It is the task of this time to remain faithful to this knowledge.

Beloved Ones, during the ‘Day of Purification, additional spiritual practices which enhance the light that we may carry become useful, not only in maintaining our own sense of wellbeing, but also acting as a bulwark against incoming energies of darkness that seek to dissuade us from the reality we are holding. In order to increase such embodied light, there are a few principles and practices that you may find helpful:

Spiritual Practices for the ‘Day of Purification’

  1. The Practice of Alignment
  2. The Principle of Containment
  3. Affirmations of Light
  4. Foundational Truths

You may also wish to join the Light Omega Sunday gatherings online as a way of replenishing and reinforcing the light that your body and consciousness can carry. Contact Meg, our Online Coordinator, to take part.

Dearest Beloved Ones, the time we are in contains many challenges, yet you have chosen to be here to meet these challenges, and to help others meet them as well. Courage is needed to deal with the revelations that purification shall bring forth, yet joy and love will also be present along the way.

May the Earth be blessed by our holding her in our love at this time, and may she receive from us what she has so abundantly given — unconditional love, time without end.


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