Global Purification


We who live during this time are in the midst of an extraordinary process of growth and transformation — a change related to the earth’s evolution into a new level of consciousness and being. This sacred transition, ordained at the beginning of time, will change life as we know it, and we are both witnesses to and participants in the transformative process.

This transition into sacred reality is the fulfillment of a sacred and holy Covenant that God has made with souls. The Covenant ensures that no matter how far human beings wander away from truth, there will be a path of return made available.

In order to complete this transition, purification of the old is needed to root out, heal, and transform all that cannot hold the new, higher vibration of spiritual light now entering the earth’s physical and energetic body. What will result from this infusion of energy on both individual and global levels will be the creation of a new and sanctified body of light for individuals and for the earth, and the creation of a new and sanctified planetary consciousness.

The purification of the earth is analogous to that of the individual, for each being goes through the same process of separation of energies of light and darkness, brought about by the advent of greater light. As intense and challenging as the purification process may be at times, its aim is to create healing and redemption, the possibility of living life from a new perspective.

In the case of the individual, purification often involves the upsurge into consciousness of formerly concealed negative emotions and thoughts that resided in a subconscious layer of the psyche and were, for the most part, inaccessible. Such emotions as anger, fear, sorrow, or grief that may have been deeply buried, now rise into awareness, often with no apparent external stimulus to cause them to do so.

On the physical level, purification can involve the manifestation within the body of symptoms resulting from the release of energies formerly bound by cells, organs, and tissues. Such purification-related symptoms, often undiagnoseable, relate to aspects of consciousness that we have needed to repress in an effort to cope with life’s challenges. Due to the phenomenon of repression, these find their way into our bodies and ‘crystallize’ as points of vulnerability or dis-ease. When such ‘crystallization’ takes place, focal points of consciousness become part of the physical structure of our body rather than becoming a point of awareness — something that is increasingly understood today as a function of the mind-body connection. Where and how these energies do this relates to the patterning of our physical structure — a patterning generally established on the soul level before birth which creates a ‘blueprint’ for areas of vulnerability and for potential areas of crystallization.

With respect to the earth, the same process of purification holds true as for the individual. With the advent of greater light, there is an upsurge into collective awareness of energies that have previously been held within the physical and energy bodies of the earth. This upsurge affects consciousness on many different levels — the emotional and mental, as well as the physical. The same release of energy that operates to create inner turbulence for an individual, also manifests through the earth’s physical structure, giving rise to such things as unusual weather patterns, volcanic eruptions, atmospheric changes, and changes within the oceans.

There are many today who have become sensitive to the global purification process who can now feel the releasing energies as emotional and energetic currents. As such, they may create feeling states that seem to come unbidden, sweeping through awareness like a tide that comes in and goes out. Sometimes they create gentle waves, but often they create intensity or upheaval. In some instances, these currents may not continue to be held as internal feeling-states, but may be given permission to burst into outer expression when there is an apparent reason for doing so — for example, peer pressure, the absence of a well-functioning ego, the need to sustain or boost the morale of a group, or the presence of a widespread crisis that seeks a solution.

Unfortunately, such acting out is all too common and can be seen today in the many activities that promote violence and terrorism. Negative energies that are purifying, whether from the earth or from within an individual psyche, find fuel and sustenance within a receptive consciousness that experiences its separation from a loving God and therefore seeks to manage and control life on its own. In situations of extreme frustration or helplessness, such a consciousness can seek to take matters into its own hands with the resulting effects of violence and great disruption.

Whatever the ideology used to justify or condone actions of violence and terrorism, they are each, fundamentally, the end-product of energy releasing from both the energy-body of the earth and from the substrata of each individual consciousness which forms part of that energy body. Nevertheless, the process of releasing formerly bound negative energies defines only one aspect of purification, whether global or individual. The other, more central aspect, is the expansion of light which is the true source and origin of all that happens within the purification process.

As a result of the expansion of light, the earth is being brought forward into the next stage of her evolution, and all beings who inhabit her are being brought forward as well. Higher frequencies of light now present on earth are interacting with all that exists of matter and energy with a singular purpose — to root out all that is not in harmony with the higher vibration of light in order to establish a new reign of holiness within human experience and awareness.

As purification proceeds, individual beings may start to live through a time of greater turbulence. The earth’s turbulence may also increase, manifesting as natural phenomenon of great and often of sudden power. These physical manifestations reflect what is taking place at a deeper level.  Despite their physicality, they are all part of the earth’s movement toward the next level of her evolution and destiny.

Let us keep in mind that purification, both global and individual, is more than a sequence of intense inner and outer events. If it were only this, it would be an impersonal process in which we might consider ourselves to be acted upon impersonally. However, this is not God’s intention. Rather, purification is a holy process — one that reflects God’s love for all beings and desire to redeem all that has become separated in order to make possible a new way of life.

This redemptive action is part of the plan for the Earth’s unfoldment. Its mechanism includes the planting of a path of spiritual and energetic evolution within time and space, one by which, and through which, embodied beings could return from the separated state of awareness to the truth of their oneness with God.

Herein lies the deepest truth concerning purification, namely, that it is redemptive. It brings about the return of material life from its experience of duality to its former state of oneness with the Divine. Indeed, one may think of the entire process as an act of love instituted in the plan for Creation and built into the fabric of time and space. It is a plan by which all beings will be brought home to their sacred dwelling place within the consciousness of Oneness and with the Divine.

This transition into sacred reality is the fulfillment of a sacred and holy Covenant that God has made with souls. The Covenant ensures that no matter how far human beings wander away from truth, there will be a path of return made available to the consciousness of the holy.

Today’s process of purification is the fulfillment of this Covenant in its creation of an accelerated path of return.  For each individual being, participation in the Covenant is enacted through the intentionality of thought and feeling which seek to join individual will with Divine will so that the sacred promise can be kept, and the living presence of God can be felt upon the earth.

For every human being and, indeed, for every living creature, the truth that is emerging today is that we are each unique expressions of the Divine. This truth is beginning to vibrate now within our hearts and within our bodies. It is beginning to vibrate within the earth’s body as well, assisting in the emergence of the earth as the sacred and holy planet that she is meant to be.

Ultimately, it is the recognition of the sacred reality in which we live that is the purpose of purification and, as the process unfolds, this recognition shall move to deeper and deeper levels. Upheld by the new vibration of light, we shall become able to know God as a living Presence within and behind all things. No matter what the difficulties that lie ahead and no matter what clouds may temporarily obscure perception, the new vibration of light will establish a new way of living upon the earth and enable a new and sacred consciousness to be born within the hearts of all.


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