The Future of Sacred Relationships


A great tide is coming that will sweep through the collective consciousness of humanity, bringing with it a new perception of what relationship is meant to be with oneself, with partners, with children, with brothers and sisters, with all of life.

When two or more join together in a commitment to love and serve God as well as each other, out of this joining a gift is created that can be offered to the world.

This new perception will come from the awareness of God’s life participating in every human experience and in every interaction. It will come from a sense of each relationship having a sacred purpose in relation to all of Creation as well as a personal meaning for those who participate in it. Such sweeping change can only come about when the reality of God’s presence in the ordinary life of humanity becomes more real, and when each individual soul allows itself to release the constraints of the past and to enter new ways of being with itself and with others. The progression of this unfoldment has already begun, but its main forward movement is still on the horizon.

Within the context of relationship, new values will emerge that are part of the perception of needing to hold God at the center of all encounters. This perception will color the ways in which people are with each other, calling them to their highest capacity to give of themselves to others and to sharing their purpose for being with all whom they meet. Such honesty, generosity, and capacity for intimacy has not been possible before in the Earth’s history. It can only become possible when each individual being comes to feel that they are being upheld from within so that they no longer need the support from another to uphold them, but can come to rest within the light of God that upholds each self. Out of this sense of inner wholeness can come a new way of relating to others, not as an act of needing to be completed by another or to make up for a deficit within the self, but as an act of joining in common purpose and in emotional resonance with the inner being of another. This way of joining will create a capacity for love that is as blessed and life-giving as the sun that shines in the sky. It will arise out of each being’s capacity to radiate love and light from an inner source within, and in this way to enhance the presence of love and light for all.

The circumstances that will draw people together in relationships of intimacy will be a perception of resonance on the soul level. This perception can be as simple as a matter of who will work well together on a particular project, but it can also be as deep and as wide as discovering who would be able to join in lifelong partnership with the deepest parts of oneself. Such an inner knowing has not been possible before, but with the advent of greater light and the opening to the soul level of identity, these perceptions will be able to guide each one toward others with whom they resonate most strongly and with whom they belong in life.

Sacred relationships are deemed so because they hold God at the center. When two or more join together in a commitment to love and serve God as well as each other, out of this joining a gift is created that can be offered to the world. This gift emerges from a relationship that is no longer seen as strictly for the benefit of the self or for the benefit of two, but as a foundation of intimacy that can radiate out to the world for the benefit of all.

The possibility for the heart’s overflowing with generosity in this way will be unfamiliar to many until it becomes known that the heart overflows because it feels full of a love that is in constant supply. It feels held in God’s love. With this as a base, neither self-protection, competition, rivalry, nor judgment of others is needed, since each self has a sufficient capacity of what it needs that comes from within. A new foundation is then created from which acts of generosity can emerge, not just as gestures that one makes out of moral conscience, but as gestures one makes because the heart is overflowing and it is natural to do so.

The next step in the evolution of mankind’s consciousness is the one that will take humanity to the realization of God’s presence within every soul and God’s love within every heart. This realization will make of love and loving a new thing — no longer limited in its expression, but capable of being shared with the world. This does not mean that sacred partnership of a lifelong kind with another will not also continue, for it will, with a deepened intimacy that is simultaneously richer and more expansive than has been possible before. But it does mean that love as a current of life-giving energy can be shared with all, irrespective of what the outer form of the relationship may be.

The heart that seeks to join with others in this way will find a receptive vessel in the hearts of others, for barriers to joining on a heart level will not be present except for considerations of a practical nature that preclude such joining. The hearts of all will be open to the arising of intimacy wherever and whenever it occurs because the currency of love arising from the same source will be one that is generally shared, and the sharing of this currency is its natural expression. Indeed, it is as natural for love to want to express itself in its fullness as it once was natural for the self to want to withdraw from life when it felt alone or depleted. The fullness of God’s love entering the human dimension has the capacity of creating transformation on the emotional and interpersonal level so that what can arise is a society based on the acknowledgment of the brother-sisterhood of souls, and on the feeling of universal love, respect, and acknowledgment.

Within the context of intimate partnership, the nature of soul joining will allow for more openness and less hiddenness because of the greater transparency of each to the other. It will also be possible to heal from mistakes made or difficulties caused by incomplete alignment with truth, because the capacity to share a common path of healing will be present in this most intimate setting. Thus, two who join at the deepest level of the heart will find new opportunities for going to a deeper place of exploring all levels of each other’s being, with a commitment to go beyond any restrictions or barriers placed around love so that its expansiveness can continue. This can happen when both souls within a partnership are committed to individual healing and to their relationship with God. Then, attunement to Divine will together becomes the way of resolving whatever difficulties may arise between the two, and of discerning what specific path of action or resolution may be needed.

The capacity of each soul to learn from the other grows in the context of a sacred relationship, for indeed, two souls in intimate partnership have come together for just this reason — to expand the life and to foster the growth within each other. The synergy that develops out of this joining becomes a completion of the unity of each in body, mind, and spirit with the unity of the other in body, mind, and spirit. As a result, there is a more complete joining and a more complete absorption of the dual experience of seeing the world through one’s own eyes as well as through the eyes of the beloved. This allows for the growth of each soul in ways that are part of the energetic configuration that draws souls together. The learning process made possible by two souls who come together in this way is singular in its capacity to bring to each the richness of all that life has to offer, with the relationship itself as the fertile ground upon which growth and learning takes place. This can happen within all spheres of experience, for the domain of soul learning is infinite, and souls can travel together into experiences of depth and understanding that each one alone, would not find possible. Out of this soul joining can come a vast opportunity for each being to perceive more of itself in relation to the spiritual universe and more of all selves in relation to that same universe, with the growth of insight and awareness that would not have been as accessible if each were traveling through life in a more solitary way.



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