The Language of the Heart


God speaks within each heart in its own language. Each can understand the whispering of a Divine message because it corresponds to the voice, and sound, and feel of truth with which they resonate.

God’s heart is a universal heart, beating within the hearts of all at the deepest level. Therefore, it is not impossible for anyone to love more deeply, more beautifully, more completely.

God’s language is of the heart. It is intimately so. It announces itself to each soul in the way that each can most deeply receive, creating the understanding that one is known and loved.

With human beings it is not so. Human beings must find a language to speak to the heart of another so that they are heard and so that their message can be understood. Human beings must transcend their own preconceptions about how others ‘should’ feel in order to meet others in what they do feel. Only then can the other feel ‘met’.

The language of the heart is universal in its message of love but it is not universal in its expression. To send an emissary of love most deeply into the heart of a loved one, it requires an understanding of what can be most deeply received. It requires a process of listening closely to what the beloved feels, and how they may best receive the tender imprint of love.

Listening is very important, for the language of one is not the language of another. Each being yearns for the voice and message that will allow it to know that it is seen completely, that it is known completely. Each yearns for the complete knowing that is based on the truth of who one is as perceived by a love that sees all.

To communicate love, the expression of one must touch the heart of the other. There must be a matching of what is given and what is received. Often, this is not the case. Often, what happens is that incomplete awareness causes one to project feelings and needs onto another without really knowing what the other desires or how they can best feel met. Openness to love beyond need is the remedy for this situation, for in a state of need it is hard to eliminate projections. In a state of need, there is not room to know, or feel, or sense, what another is wishing for.

The language of the heart, nevertheless, can bypass many limitations and obstacles if the desire to convey love is strong. When such is the case, the intention gets through, even if imperfectly. Nevertheless, it is possible as one joins more with one’s soul essence, to know more intimately the language of love the way that God knows it, the way that the trees and the sun know it that give of themselves freely and without preconception. This giving freely isthe language of love. It is the pure desire to bless and nurture that finds its outer expression in all languages and within all forms. It is the pure desire to help others thrive.

God’s heart is a universal heart, beating within the hearts of all at the deepest level. Therefore, it is not impossible for anyone to love more deeply, more beautifully, more completely. It only means finding the adequate expression for the great flow of love that is already present.  It also means getting out of one’s own way with conditions that must be met in order for love to be given. For the divine Heart there are no conditions, and for the human heart that is Divine at its core there need not be conditions either, once the deepest layer of love can be touched, once the Divine flow becomes the source of one’s identity. This flow can eliminate all sense of lack and limitation which arise at more superficial levels of the self. It can replace all emptiness with beauty.

As with many things within the spiritual realm, it is a matter of realizing one’s greater wholeness, of believing in that and becoming that. Such joining can eliminate all wounds of the past because the Source of love is not influenced by past wounds. No matter what one’s past experience, it remains pure. For this reason, one can seek the Divine flow of love within, knowing that within each human heart beats the Divine heart, sending forth its eternal message. This is the source from which all relationships can be blessed. It is the source from which a new world can be created.


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