Anchoring in Love


Separation from God’s sacred reality can happen in obvious or subtle ways. It can happen because of thoughts and beliefs that one begins to hold on the mental level, and it can also happen because the heart begins to contract and close down to its own intrinsic capacity to love. Often, these two go together.

The mandate to love is an intrinsic part of the sacred Covenant that souls made at the beginning of time, and its anchoring is part of what frees the embodied self to become its own Divine nature.

The presence of an energy of darkness which removes one from sacred reality is not always known to the conscious self. Commonly, feelings of rejection or judgment toward others, of irritability or criticism, seem to be justified by external circumstance. It is this justification which departs from love that is the terrain in which the energy of darkness takes hold. Such justification perpetuates the behavior that is angry, judgmental, critical, irritable, or avoidant, and does not allow one to notice that there is a choicethat is possible in such situations. One can choose to return to love and to leave the terrain of darkness.

In order to make this shift, two things are needed: the willingness to let go of emotions that are not loving and supportive to others, and the feeling that God will support one’s own life and being if these emotions are let go of. As a fundamental part of this shift, self-protection which is largely maintained through emotional attitudes, becomes replaced by a turning to God for all protection. In the place of trust, emotional defenses can be let go of and a choice can be made for love.

It is a signature of energies of darkness that they are incompatible with love. Where love exists, darkness must withdraw. Similarly, where true feelings of holiness exist, darkness must also withdraw. These two avenues of feeling open the heart to the inflow of the higher dimensions of light and prevent one from responding to the pull to leave God’s sacred reality without being aware of it.

For this reason, it is important to notice when and where love departs, and to know that one’s own heart is committed to remaining faithful to love even though external circumstance may not appear to warrant it. Such is the mandate given to each human soul by the Divine Father and Mother. This mandate to love is an intrinsic part of the sacred Covenant that souls made at the beginning of time, and its anchoring is part of what frees the soul to become its own Divine nature.

Anchoring in love releases the embodied soul from darkness and prevents the kind of rancor, conflict, and separation that so often occur where darkness is operating. Anchoring in love is founded in the perpetual commitment to remain faithful to God’s Covenant, no matter what reasons may appear not to uphold such faithfulness. This anchoring is the greatest protection against forces that would take one away from sacred reality, and it is also the greatest protection against those same forces that would take one away from recognizing, feeling, and knowing one’s own Divine self.


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