The Influence of Darkness on the Consciousness of Man


In the midst of light’s expansion on the earth, a dark shadow is being cast by forces that seek to foster fear and doubt and ultimately a loss of trust in God.


There was a time when war was taken for granted. There was a time when the lust for power was taken to be a sign of might and the number of deaths that one was responsible for at one’s own hands was a measure of pride in achievement. That was a time of mighty warriorship, a time that has passed, a time that is no longer. The new spiritual currents of today are creating a demise of the valuing of warriorship and an increase in the valuing of ways for laying a foundation of peace. Though this is not yet visible, the old ways of creating victory through exerting power over others are giving way before the new ways of embracing all. It has not happened yet — not between nations and not between people — but it is on its way. It is in the air, just as in former times warriorship and conquest were in the air.

Today is a new time, a time in which all that prevents brotherhood and love from happening will be made visible and will be rooted out from where it has lain hidden, silently exerting its influence on the consciousness of each individual who has departed from love. The spirit of celebration is about to enter the earth scene and to be born because what was thought to be impossible is possible. The celebration before us is the event of the transformation of consciousness — that which will bring new eyes and new ears to those who have been blind and deaf, unable to see and to hear each other for centuries These new eyes and ears will hear, and see, and feel the presence of love that will make all that has gone before seem trivial and unimportant. It may seem that this cannot be so. Yet, it is so. It is the possibility for a new awakening of mankind’s ability to love, and a new awakening of the heart connected with the spirit that is taking place now and that will take place ever more strongly. This is not personal love that creates the attachment of one to the other and the holding on to that attachment. It is love that is all inclusive, that seeks to embrace all, that seeks to share with all. We can hear it now in the sighing of the trees as they call to the little animals and birds that seek shelter under their boughs. We can feel it in the gentle caress of sunlight that shines through the mist of an early morning dew and that parts the clouds after a rainstorm. We can hear it in the signs of Spring that renew life each year for creatures large and small — we can hear, and see, and feel the awakening of love.

In the midst of this, a dark shadow is cast by forces that would prevent this awakening from happening, that would have the earth not be at peace, or free, or in the light. Such forces of darkness operate to counteract the expansion that is presently taking place. They have the capacity to create a great disturbance of that expansion through the promulgation of fear and doubt, and ultimately, through the manifestation of despair which creates a loss of trust that either God or light is real. The events manipulated by darkness that bring great suffering to people can happen and will happen as the expansion of light takes place ever more forcefully within the earth’s sphere, and it is up to each consciousness to know how to hold onto the truth of what is taking place. It is up to each consciousness to feel the truth of love, to cherish it, to nurture it, and to remain faithful to it. Darkness cannot exist in the presence of love. It can only exist when love has been tossed aside or submerged in the presence of doubt or despair. It can only exist when love is undermined within ourselves so that we no longer believe in it. In the place of love, darkness has nowhere to stand.

The times ahead are times of great jubilation and celebration, but they are also times that will bring great suffering and hardship. It is a matter of knowing that God is with all those who suffer and that the hardship can be gotten through by trusting love and by trusting God’s plan for the earth. These two forms of trust will be strong enough to carry the heart in safety through the difficult times that lie ahead. May all be blessed in their knowledge of God’s love. May all know that the plan for the future of the earth, laid down before the beginning of time, comes into being to create the celebration into light of a sacred and holy planet. Amen.


The ‘desire for warriorship’ is part of any action taken that departs from the vibration of brotherly love. All that manifests on the earth plane that seeks power over, that creates subjugation of one group by another, that is indifferent to the harm caused toward one population by another, that maintains superiority, that rejoices in the victory of battle, that delights in the pain of another, that asserts its own dominance — all of this has to do with the desire for warriorship. Each of these attitudes bespeak a need to separate the self from the whole and to protect and enlarge the rights and interests of the self at the expense of others.

The desire for warriorship is part of the collective past of mankind, maintained by a vibration of ignorance of the true reality in which men were meant to live and fostered by the current of separation that has been part of the historical human experience.

All nations, historically, have been involved in this battle for power, whether power over others or power over one’s own destiny which has involved the depriving others of their rights. This was true in the United States, as well, in relation to both the Negro population and to the Native American population. It is true today in the posturing on the world stage that was present not too long ago in Somalia and in Russia, and that now takes place in North Korea, in the United States, in China, and in many places in the Middle East, including in Iran. The posturing on the world stage that has to do with dominance, power over, and superiority, is all part of the motivational dynamic that has to do with warriorship. This dynamic can be played out between two nations, between several, or between a large group of nations. It is the absence of the consciousness of brotherhood and it dominates the actions, at this time, between the United States and countries of the Middle East.

What will take the place of this as things unfold is an understanding that there is no place in the scheme of things for this type of posturing, for this type of battle, for this type of lack of recognition of relationship between one nation and another. There is no place for it because it does not make any sense. It would be like indifferently cutting off one’s left arm, thinking that one could grow another, or not thinking that it mattered. To every sane person it will be seen that it matters to cut off your left arm or any part of the collective body of which each nation is a part. It cannot happen without harm to the whole being in the sense of pain or in the sense of loss of function. More importantly, it is recognized that one’s left arm is part of oneself and so there would be no reason to cut it off since what is part of the self is valued with the sense that it needs to be taken care of.

The desire for warriorship is part of the collective past of mankind, maintained by a vibration of ignorance of the true reality in which men were meant to live and fostered by the current of separation that has been part of the historical human experience. This current of separation was meant to be a part of the collective human experience since the individuation of consciousness and of selfhood was an inevitable consequence of the lowering of vibration needed to create physical matter. Now, however, this vibration is changing, and so the consciousness of man will change as will the vibration of matter so that the motivational patterns that have been part of the former way of life will no longer hold sway in the same way. Indeed, there may be some residue of these for a while. But just as the impression that the arm is part of our body comes intuitively, without someone having to tell us it is so — that is, we experience it physically — so too, will the impression that the entire human family is part of one body will come intuitively, without anyone having to tell us it is so. This recognition will change everything. It will correct things that have been uncorrectable for eons. It will open up the possibility for new life among nations. It will create freedom and it will create peace. It will usher in a new consciousness for mankind.


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