Light and Darkness: Introduction


And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters, and God said, Let there be light… Gen. 1:2-3

In the most fundamental sense, light and darkness are energies of Creation, brought forth out of an ultimate Unity at a time when all things came into being. Though they may also be spoken of in their more human sense in relation to motivations and feelings we call ‘dark’ or light-filled, they are, at the source, energies that influence consciousness in the broadest possible way, causing humanity to move in different directions in its perception of what is most real.

One can look at these energies simply on the human level within the thoughts and actions of individuals and our response to them. Or, one can look at them in terms of the ways in which they influence collective consciousness and its movement toward or away from a sense of the sacred and Divine. The influence of darkness on all levels is to create separation from the truth of Divine reality, and, simultaneously, from the experience of the reality of love.

Understanding the influence of these energies is at the heart of the purification process, during which both body and consciousness experience a separation between those inner elements that hold light and love and those that do not. This separation enables energies of darkness that have limited one’s wholeness to be released from the self. As a result, the presence of one’s Divine inner being can begin to be felt more clearly, without the obscuring factor of interfering emotions and thought patterns.

When viewed from the broadest cosmic level, it is the essential nature of darkness to create separation and isolation from the Divine truth of one’s being, while it is the essential nature of light to expand and unite levels of truth so that one feels increasingly unified with the light and love of the cosmos.


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