From ‘Dominion’ To ‘Relationship With’ — The Journey of Consciousness


We are at a new stage in human consciousness in which the truth of oneness with all can replace the biblical idea of dominion over all living things.

We are at a new stage in the evolution of human consciousness in which the understanding of ‘relationship with’ all living things due to the underlying truth of oneness, can replace the biblical idea of ‘dominion over’ all living things as described in Genesis. This progression in time has been necessary due to the limitations of consciousness during the early millennia of our present civilization.

There was a time in the history of man when the consciousness of most were not ready to receive the truth of oneness, nor, if they had heard it, would they have understood what it meant. This was because a fledgling humanity — ‘fledgling’ in the sense that consciousness was only minimally aware of itself, of its own thought process, or of having choices over emotional life — could not have understood the truth of oneness even if it had been written in bold letters for all to see.

The idea of ‘dominion over’ was more in keeping with the predominant idea of ’hierarchy’ which all could relate to from personal experience and all had knowledge of. This underlying idea penetrated every aspect of human relations as well as every aspect of what was conceivable in terms of relationship with the Divine. There was no perception of similarity of essence or of sharing between ‘gods’ and men. Rather, it was perceived that the ‘gods’ were whimsical, powerful, and self-centered, that they bestowed or took away gifts from mankind based on things that were partly knowable such as ritual and prayer, and partly unknowable. For this reason — namely, the predominance within the entire ideology and culture of the construct of hierarchy — the word ‘dominion’ was used to give a sense of place to mankind in the order of things. This order was not meant as a false order, for it is true that mankind are caretakers of the planet and of all living creatures upon it. Yet, regrettably, the use of the word ‘dominion’, over the centuries, has come to mean less than caretaking and more ‘power over’ in a negative sense — the sense of superiority. This translation is far from ‘stewardship over’ which is what is truly meant. ‘Dominion’ comes from the same root word as ‘domain’ (a sphere of activity, concern, or function) and ‘domicile’ (to reside or dwell within), as well as ‘dominance’. In this context, man was given authority and stewardship over the land he dwelled within. As the highest form of consciousness that lived within this land, this was a truth that all could grasp.

Today, however, mankind has evolved well beyond these early constructs of hierarchy, though such evolution is often not visible in practice even now. Nevertheless, because of the progressive refinement of the emotional and spiritual bodies, more is understandable, today, of the concepts of interdependence and of sharing. Furthermore, the principle of equality, whether practiced or not, has driven widescale social and political movements, worldwide, and has been the premise for wide-ranging reform of social institutions, changing the nature of relationships between people. Because interdependence is more understandable based on long term historical developments, more can be perceived of the new when it is ready to appear. Yet this new involves something beyond the concept of interdependence. It involves the experience of oneness — the perception of unity based on shared essence.

Mankind is now entering a new and final exposition of the unfoldment of this sacred Covenant. It is the revelation of God not only as that which is ‘above’ but as that which is ‘within’ as well, and not only within oneself, but within all that lives.

There has been much evolutionary change within the consciousness of man that has prepared the way for the unfoldment of this new awareness. In a sense, all that has gone before has laid the groundwork for consciousness to hold the new without a very great leap in acceptance, even though on a personal, individual level, there may be some difficulty due to resistance based on unhealed emotional issues — issues that are amplified by forces which seek to perpetuate and enhance degrees of separation. Nevertheless, mankind is well prepared for the new, evolutionary step forward that is about to take place and is already taking place.

The history of the evolution of consciousness has moved mankind from a point of conceiving of all in terms of hierarchical relationship, to a new understanding of unity with all that lives. This is the true and profound meaning of the growth of mankind’s understanding of the Covenant with God. The journey from Adonai (Lord), to Eyeh asher eyeh (I am That I Am), is a roadmap, spiritually speaking, for the progressive revelation of God’s being. Mankind is now entering a new and final exposition of the unfoldment of this sacred Covenant. It is the revelation of God not only as that which is ‘above’ but as that which is ‘within’ as well, and not only within oneself, but within all that lives. This twofoldness of God’s nature, emphasized historically within the spiritual currents of East and West, now may become one as mankind more completely embraces its spiritual destiny.


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