Letting Go of Cynicism

GurujiMa  | 

When we think together in trust and hope, our collective thought can change the shape of reality. This knowledge lies in our deeper being. By reclaiming it, we become emissaries of our souls.

Today, many of us know what it is like to feel cynical about the world, it’s governments, its environmental policies, its slow pace of dealing with the evidence of climate change, its wanton destruction of vital links in the chain of life that is the Earth. Yet, we do not realize that we are cynical. We attribute our non-action, our non-practice to something else. We attribute it to fatigue, to weariness, to being too busy, to feeling that we cannot, as individuals, make a difference.

We have become separated from the degree of faith and trust that allows us to follow the spiritual imperative that lives within our deeper being. Such a spiritual imperative calls to us to abandon cynicism, doubt, and alienation, and to believe that each of us, individually, can make a difference to the future of the Earth. Each of us, individually, can help to shape that future. We need only trust that what our deeper self knows to be true is really true.

The spiritual imperative that calls to us rests on the premise that thought creates reality, and that if enough people were to unify in the creation of a single thought of great coherence and direction, then the world would change in the direction of that thought. We may know this to be true in our deeper selves while not living as if it were true in our daily lives. We may hold back out of doubt, or fatigue, or a sense of personal unimportance, from doing our part to shape the collective atmosphere of the Earth, setting ourselves apart while not realizing that we are doing so. We do this, and we can undo this.

We can choose to participate with our thought in changing the world in the course of each day as well as with our actions. We can choose to pray for the healing of the Earth and to join our prayers with those of others to create the great collective movement forward that all are waiting for. We can, instead of holding back, become emissaries of our own beliefs, messengers of our own souls, with a message that translates to the level of spiritual ideal and practice. We can, together, think and hope a new world into being.

Our cynicism tells us that this is not so, that it is naive thinking, for if a new world could have been thought into being it would have. And yet this is where we no longer see what the past has brought to us, what it has brought forward in the way of reshaping values and consciousness. We view reality through the filter of cynicism rather than through the truth of goodness, and no longer believe that what we do in the present can shape the future in a positive way. Yet we are the All, we are the very fabric of reality that bends itself to our vision and to our hope.

Now, at this time of Easter, of Passover, of the rites and rituals associated with the new life of Spring, let us determine to abandon cynicism and to contribute to the greater Life of which we are a part. Let us reclaim our beliefs from where they have resided deep inside ourselves, joining them with our conscious activities in the light of day.  Let us pray and let us hope, and let us contribute through our thoughts to the welfare of the planet that we so love and that we so sorrow for at times, with no real sense of how things will change.

We begin by overturning the idea that we do not make a difference, that we, individually, cannot effect change. We begin by claiming our place within the All, within the network of life. And out of this joining we commit ourselves to praying for the healing of the Earth, to witnessing our actions throughout the day so that they benefit the Earth’s wellbeing rather than detract from it. We renew our faith that the power of joining our hope and prayer with Divine hope will do more to create a world that all have waited for than we have heretofore thought possible.

May all blessings flow to those who can commit their hearts in this way and who, out of love, choose to live as servants of the Earth and as emissaries of their own souls.  Amen.


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