Light and Darkness, Part I: Energy


And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters,
and God said, let there be light…  — Gen. 1:2-3

To understand light and darkness, one must know that the light of God is real, it was there in the beginning, and it lives within each of us. It is the light of Creation and of our own Divine essence. It is who we are at our deepest core. Indeed, each of us are children of the Light and children of God, and the process of Creation that we hold to be true of the past is ongoing, both within the cosmos and within each individual being.

There is a teaching from the Book of Matthew that says: “If thine eye be single, thy body will be full of light.” (Matthew 6:22) This is one way of capturing the meaning of the present moment in the Earth’s history in relation to light and darkness. Our eyes have not been single. One eye has perceived the essentially sacred nature of life and of the Creator of life. The other eye has been swept into the illusion of the physical as all there is. With one eye we have seen and felt a power behind the physical Universe. With the other, we have separated our world from that context and viewed only the instruments of our gratification and comfort as real.

Darkness is both a cosmic energy and a specific force that can affect individual motivation and feeling. It tells us that we are real and that our feelings are real, but that God is not real.

This split in humanity’s consciousness is being transformed today by the power of increasing spiritual light. The light of God infusing the Earth’s spiritual atmosphere is moving us toward the place of unified vision, the place in which spirit and matter are seen as one. Though we have been divided, we, as creatures of the Earth and of heaven, are becoming more whole. It is this wholeness and unity, initiated by light, that becomes the light of our bodies spoken of above. No longer separate from our Divine origins, we are no loger sacred soul and non-sacred matter, but unified as One.

That which has caused us to see with two eyes instead of one is the illusion of duality, based on separated consciousness. Though this separation was part of our soul’s choice at the beginning of our Earth journey, it is also a choice that is influenced in profound ways by forces of darkness that are not inherent within our soul, but that act upon human experience in order to maintain the separation from the Divine. These forces or energies that act in opposition to the expansion of consciousness are what we refer to as ‘darkness’. Though they are part of Creation, they also have the capacity to act in opposition to the forward motion of Creation in its evolutionary potential. Thus, they can keep us separate and alone — from each other, from God, and from the interplanetary family of which we are a part.

Darkness is both a cosmic energy and a specific force that can affect individual motivation and feeling. It tells us that we are real and that our feelings are real, but that God is not real. From one perspective, darkness may be thought of as the energy of separated intellect that causes doubt. From another perspective, it may be thought of as that which separates us from an experience of God’s love and from love in general.It does this by creating a ‘perceptual filter’ that causes us to believe that only what we perceive with our five physical senses is real, and that all else is an illusion. It persuades our mind to consider Divine reality as a fabrication that we make up in order to comfort ourselves.

The energy of darkness creates a sense of isolation within individuals, between people, and among nations. It fuels the negative emotional states that interfere with peace, and leads humanity toward despair, hopelessness, and fear. Even if at other moments we remain faithful to the vision of the sacred, in moments of darkness we turn away from this vision and lose touch with our basic truth. The reversal of this movement is often difficult thought possible, namely, to choose trust with our hearts, even in the presence of our mind’s doubt.


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