Light and Darkness, Part III: Love


And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters, and God said, Let there be light…  — Gen. 1:2-3

There is only one underlying reality that invisibly upholds and penetrates all of existence. It may be given different names, described differently, and experienced through the unique prism of each soul’s consciousness. Yet in essence it is One, and there is no other.

This Unity is the ultimate truth, yet within this Unity as an interdimensional reality are forces of light and darkness that are part of the structure of Creation. These forces manifested when all things emerged and differentiated themselves from within the Un-named One. Light and darkness are cosmic forces as well as energies that exist within human consciousness. As such, they have intentionality, will, and the capacity to influence human affairs.

The power of light is the strongest force in Creation. It can redeem all that is separated.

For much of human history, light and darkness have operated entirely behind the scenes, causing either the movement forward of cultures and civilizations, or, alternatively, a cul de sac in which no further movement was possible. The cosmic drama that lay behind this evolution became the stuff of myths and legends, but for the most part was not known to the collective consciousness of humanity. This was not only because the religious institutions of the time did not reveal the forces in operation to a humanity deemed not ready to receive such knowledge. It was also because these forces chose to make themselves invisible, blending with the movement toward reason and enlightened thought that increasingly became part of man’s movement to successfully master the world of physical reality as well as the interior world of the body and psyche.

In myth and legend alike, the force of darkness is pictured in its essence as a deceiver — a manipulator of disguises. Its primary tool is to masquerade as something else while at the same time seeking control over the human psyche. Often the process of deception takes place within the mind which is presented ‘reasonable’ ideas about why something is not true. While sometimes reasonable ideas serve the purposes of reason and scientific methodology, in other instances and particularly where it concerns matters of the heart and soul, ‘reasonable’ ideas may serve to deny the heart’s reality and to interfere with the perception of the truth of the soul. This manipulation can be quite powerful, and yet because each embodied soul has access to its heart and to the higher levels of its being, such illusion on the level of the mind can be countered by efforts to remain aligned with a deeper truth.

Man’s capacity to listen to the voice of darkness is great, but so is his capacity to listen to the voice of his heart and to render it the prime mover in his life. In the presence of the heart’s determination to love and to remain steadfast in a place of love, darkness is rendered ineffective and can gain no entry. For darkness and love are incompatible in essence, and so where one exists, the other cannot. Therefore, in order to counteract the effect of the energies of darkness, it is essential to know how to remain aligned with love. This intention carries one into the domain of spiritual practice and spiritual consciousness. For alignment with light and love becomes a doorway into a sacred life. And the choices that are part of that sacred life are everyday choices — those that can be made with greater alignment with love, and those that can be made with lesser.

Though light and darkness have forever been players on the world scene, as well as within individual consciousness, the influence of darkness is presently undergoing a reversal and restriction due to the expanding force of spiritual light upon the Earth. While not visible on a global level yet, the planetary movement toward incorporation of greater light is rooting out those places within individuals and within governments and nations where darkness has been held, and will do so even more in the future. This movement will allow the planetary consciousness to return to the original Unity from which it came, eliminating forever the separation between the physical and the spiritual. Thus, a new era of peace will find a foundation upon which it can be built. This is God’s gift to an awakening humanity and it is happening now within human consciousness.

May God bless the Earth’s transition into light, and may the forces of light everywhere find the means to victory over all that would perpetuate separation from the truth of the One Creator of all.


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