Dealing with Doubt


Beloved Ones, energies that are opposed to light can create confusion within the mind causing doubt about what is true and what is not true, what is real and what is not real. This would not be a significant problem if the subject matter were peripheral to one’s identity or centrally held beliefs. However, when doubt occurs within a central area of one’s psyche or life, then it can threaten to overturn one’s peace of mind and can create an obsessive need to find an answer to the question doubt poses. Energies of opposition, however, cannot create the same kind of confusion in the deeper strata of the heart where the values of the soul reside. For this reason, those with embattled minds, minds that are agitated or overactive with pros and cons about what to hold to be true, need to seek the heart as a place of refuge.

Choosing not-knowing over needing to know is a very important step in dismantling the power of negative energies, as it draws one closer to the source of all truth which is God, and to the flow of truth carried by light.

There is a kind of doubt that is healthy and useful and there is also a kind of doubt influenced by energies of opposition. The former takes place, for example, within scientific inquiry, where doubt has a position of importance, leading to hypotheses that may be accepted or rejected. The process of inquiry requires doubt as an inherent part of what moves it forward. Doubt influenced by negative energies is very different. It creates a drama within the mind which can be one of great turbulence. Its landscape holds the many thoughts that present beliefs of different kinds or alternative points of view to one’s awareness. Doubt of this kind, when mild, can generally be tolerated, especially when the stakes for not-knowing are not very high. However, when doubt concerns actions whose consequences lead to major decisions in life, or when it concerns one’s most fundamentally held beliefs or values — the rock-bottom foundation upon which a life may be built — then, the presence of doubt can be felt as a torment. Indeed, energies opposed to light can create mental torment of this kind and it becomes crucial, therefore, to know how to exit from the drama of doubt and to seek the peace and inner knowing of the heart and the heart’s most fundamental truths.

In most instances in which doubt influenced by negative energies appears, there is also an accompanying anxiety, agitation, or obsessive thinking. When such is the case, it is necessary to leave the battleground of mental preoccupation and affirm to oneself that it is not necessary to answer the question that seems in need of an answer at the mental level, the level of the mind. Removing oneself from the scene of chaos and confusion to the quieter place of the heart more than anything else alleviates torment. It allows the light of God and one’s own higher being to enter the situation and to influence the inner predicament of confusion and agitation.

Often, this is not an easy task, however, because the mind, influenced by other energies, can insist that an answer on the mental level mustbe found. What is true or what is real mustbe known to the mind. Nevertheless, this assertion is not necessarily true. Often, one does not need to know. One can choose trust over knowing and the heart over the mind, allowing a period of not knowing to take place in which God’s light will unfold and reveal the truth in a different way and in a different time. Choosing not-knowing over needing to know is a very important step in dismantling the power of negative energies, as it draws one closer to the source of all truth which is God, and to the flow of truth carried by light. Once less embattled, the flow of light and truth can progressively enter a situation of doubt and allow the mental confusion to be dispelled. This may not happen immediately. It may happen over a longer period than desired. However, whether long or short, trusting God to reveal the truth to one’s self has immense benefits on all levels, while battling within a mind that is influenced by energies of confusion can cause one great and ongoing distress.

Beloved ones, let the light of truth be found in your heart, and from your heart emanate to all parts of you. In this way your knowing will be surely guided by your soul and by your soul purpose for this lifetime, and your inner self will have little to do with the terrain in which energies of opposition can have their greatest effect.


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