The Power of Deception and the New Reality

GurujiMa  | 

We have within us the capacity to anchor in the truth that lives in our deepest heart and soul, and we have within us the capacity to trust our spiritual senses to surely guide us through whatever storms of doubt and uncertainty may need to be faced.

When partial truth masquerades as complete truth, we see the ‘power of deception.’ When those who are harming others profess to be loving others, we have the ‘power of deception.’ When fear is created deliberately in order to gain a specific end, but this end is concealed from public view or scrutiny, we experience the effects of the ‘power of deception.’

The ‘power of deception’ is an energy, not a person. A person may be aligned with this energy to a greater or lesser degree, as may a group of people, but this alignment does not make them the energy. It makes them vulnerable to the energy. The ‘power of deception’ is an energy that is widespread in the United States today, and in many other places in the world.

Some people feel that the ‘power of deception’ is being practiced by the current Administration within the U.S. and particularly by the Executive in charge. Some people feel that the ‘power of deception’ is being practiced by the news media. Many people are confused, today, and simply do not know what to believe and what not to believe. Many have become mistrustful of what anyone in public life or in the media tells them, and this mistrust is the result of their exposure to the ‘power of deception’ on a large scale.

The ‘power of deception’ is exercised by energies that would keep people turned toward the past with its limitations, and prevent the emergence of the new which is also the emergence of the sacred. Its primary purpose is to diminish the role of the sacred in life, and to extend and perpetuate the experience of separation of individuals from their own deepest truth and from each other. Most often, this energy cannot be perceived through the mind because it houses itself within partial truths that appear to be entirely real, even though they are leaving out something important. Therefore, the only way to truly recognize when one is being deceived is not through the mind, but through the spiritual senses, through the sense that lives in the body and in the deeper knowing that ‘something does not feel right’ about what is being advocated or spoken.

The ‘power of deception’ is widespread at this time because change is widespread at this time, and because increased spiritual light has begun to change the Earth and the consciousness of all of her inhabitants at a very core level. It is for this reason that the ‘power of deception’ has come into greater presence and greater visibility on a large scale. It is to prevent this change from occurring.

To move through this time, it is of utmost importance that we evaluate each circumstance we face, each statement or declaration that we hear, and each action we are asked to engage with, not only with our mind in relation to its content, but with our heart which can tell us whether it ‘feels right’ or whether something is missing, something is not being considered. This may be some effect or consequence that is not being given due weight, or some emotion that is missing that should be present. By looking more closely at what ‘feels right’ to us in the policies, practices, or statements that people make, we can come to an understanding of where love exists for other beings in full measure, or where it only exists for a certain group of people with whom the speaker identifies. It is the presence or absence of love for all that is the most reliable source of determining whether something that is advocated has truth in it.

Without love, we are reduced to the premise that only facts need to be considered, and that the one speaking is communicating an exact knowledge of what the ‘facts’ are. This premise is hardly present any more, which is why so many have become mistrustful. However, the other reason that many have become mistrustful is that it is more and more difficult, due to the ‘power of deception’ and the words it uses to disguise its true motives, to know who is being loving and who is not. One must have confidence in the ‘feeling right’ of the body and the heart, and give less importance to the mind in making this evaluation.

The ‘power of deception’ has one other tool with which it works, often successfully, and that is to produce sensations within the body that correspond to certain emotional states which seem to be what one truly feels. Energies within the body can create the feeling of rejection toward another or toward a point of view. They can also create resentment, anger, repulsion, frustration, and fear. When these energies operate strongly, it is often difficult to remember that love is absent. One simply forgets that it should be there. One simply forgets to call upon it. This is the ‘power of deception,’ namely, to cover the natural feeling of the heart’s love and to substitute another emotion with sufficient strength so that one doesn’t notice that love, warmth, and caring for an individual or for others in general has disappeared. One takes one’s own altered feeling-state to be natural, to be an expression of oneself, not something that is being influenced by that which would deny love and deny the sacred.

In this time in which the ‘power of deception’ is operating so strongly and with such persuasion, the way through is always to remember love, and to know with the heart whether something ‘feels right’ according to the criteria of the heart. Without this, justifications, rationalizations, denials, and the harboring of half-truths within oneself are all likely to prevail. Yet, with greater reliance on the heart, and with trusting one’s own innate capacity to attune to inner truth as the knowing of what ‘feels right,’ one can navigate through this time as a ship that is sturdy and ocean-ready navigates through a turbulent sea.

All who are presently on the Earth at this time have chosen to be here to experience this time of change. We have within us the capacity to anchor in the truth that lives in our deepest heart and soul, and we have within us the capacity to trust our spiritual senses to surely guide us through whatever storms of doubt and uncertainty may need to be faced. This is the time we have chosen to interact with, and all that is needed to do so successfully exists within us.


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