Our Multidimensional Reality, Part 1

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In seeing more of reality as it is, we become more of who we are, and can relate to our life in the world as much more complex, more beautiful, and more mysterious than our ordinary interpretation of reality would have us believe.

What is your concept of multidimensionality? There are different ways of viewing this word. On the Earth, today, what most people understand as ‘dimensions’ are the three associated with physical reality, namely, height, width, and depth, to which many add the dimension of time which may be called a ‘fourth’ dimension.

But what if we open our minds to consider that ‘dimensions’ are infinite, corresponding to different perceptions of the reality of what IS, some more restricted, some more expansive, containing a larger segment of reality. If we adopt this point of view, then a ‘higher’ dimension’ would give us access to a wider range of interpretation and understanding of what anything really is. Our three-dimensional reality would not be untrue, but it would be more limited in its scope.

Adopting this frame of reference, it is possible to consider that things that we do not think about as having a greater life, meaning, or ‘dimensionality’ than their physical structure portrays, can actually be carrying higher dimensional frequencies and consciousness without our knowing it. For example, water. We understand the properties of water as a physical substance. We know its molecular structure and how it transforms into ice and vapor. Yet, water is also vibrating at a higher dimensional level than simply its physical appearance and structure would suggest. It is vibrating within dimensions of reality in which it is embodying, in physical form, higher consciousness. On one level, it is embodying the consciousness of ‘fluidity’ which is both a property of water and a universal quality that exists within all living things. This universal quality has its origin in the Mind of God and makes possible life on Earth. On another level, water is embodying the Source of life itself, whose divine Intention created a planet that is largely made of water, and human bodies which match the planet entirely in this respect. Water gives life to all on this planet. It forms seventy percent of the Earth’s surface and seventy percent of our bodies. It is the source of life for all growing things. In its higher dimensional aspect, water is a Divine stream flowing from the Mind of the One in order to establish and sustain life on this planet. As such, it is holy. This stream of divine Intention is embodied within the rain that falls, the streams that descend from mountain tops, and the water we drink. Each of these has physical properties and also spiritual properties that are part of its being a Divine manifestation. Once one becomes less restricted to a three-dimensional perspective, access to these higher qualities of water can increase.

The other elements that compose both our planet and our physical bodies vibrate within higher dimensions as well. Earth, air, and fire all have higher dimensional aspects that can be perceived through our spiritual senses. They are alive and are not just ‘things.’ We are at all times being embraced by the Divine stream of life within the natural conditions of our environment.

‘Dimensions’ are infinite, corresponding to different perceptions of the reality of what IS, some more restricted, some more expansive, containing a larger segment of reality.

In exploring multidimensionality in this way, we can also look at physical objects with the same intent. Take statues or paintings, for example, that represent deities or holy Beings. Both the statue and the painting are carrying aspects of higher dimensions that relate to the content of what they represent. We can think to ourselves: “It is only a picture, not the real thing,” and not perceive the higher vibrations that emanate from the energy field of what we are looking at. This is because we are focused within our physical senses. However, some sensitive individuals at a moment in time may have felt something streaming from a painting or statue that seemed hard to give credence to because it was invisible. This ‘emanation’ suggested that the statue or painting had life in it. It is for this reason that within certain spiritual traditions, households set aside a special place for many sacred portraits or objects, because they are believed to carry and to emanate this higher vibration.

One of the most significant areas in which multidimensionality may be overlooked, even while it is very present, is within sacred geometry — the spatial configurations that represent the structure of the universe and the intent of its Creator. Such geometric figures can be two-dimensional or three-dimensional, yet contain a universal message about life itself that transcends their physical shape. The pyramid is one such example.

Consider a two-dimensional drawing of a pyramid that represents a three-dimensional pyramid (tetrahedron) in space. We understand how you can represent a three-dimensional object within a two-dimensional drawing because our physical senses allow us to know this. Now, let us translate that into a higher dimensional correspondence. From a higher dimensional perspective, just as a two-dimensional drawing can represent a three-dimensional object, a three-dimensional object can represent a four-, five-, or six-dimensional consciousness. The word ‘represent’ here means something specific. It means that a three-dimensional object can carry the reality of that object as viewed from the higher dimensions. The pyramid, for example, is a messenger, facilitator, and transmitter of energies from higher dimensions. It is why some people meditate with a pyramidal object in their sacred space.

Another example is the geometric figure composed of six overlapping circles called ‘Seeds of Life.’ This geometric arrangement, whether drawn, sculpted, or visualized, is the physical expression of spirit coming into matter through the power of the soul. ‘Seeds of Life’ within the process of Creation bring life into form and have given birth to us. You could say that each of us is created by and lives within the intersecting circles.

More familiar are the intersecting upward and downward pointing triangles that form a six-pointed star, sometimes called the ‘Star of David.’ These triangles represent the joining of ‘above’ and ‘below,’  of ‘heaven’ and ‘earth,’ and of the Divine and the human. Most of us have thought of this star as a symbol, but what if we could allow ourselves to understand it as more than this? A symbol appeals to the mind’s understanding. A multidimensional sacred form affects the body and energy body through vibration. All the forms of sacred geometry have this capacity. They are both symbols that our mind can understand, and vibrations that can teach us something about the nature of the universe from which they are derived.

Finally, and most importantly, we need to understand that human beings are not merely three-dimensional bodies in physical space, but exist, also, in higher dimensions simultaneously, even while their physical life here on Earth is going on. Why is it important to know this about ourselves or about the world we live in? Because in seeing more of reality as it is, we become more of who we are, and can relate to our life in the world as much more complex, more beautiful, and more mysterious than our ordinary interpretation of reality would have us believe.

Multidimensional existence does not change whether we feel it or not, or whether we believe in it or not, but the limitations of our perception continue for a longer period of time when our minds remain closed to the possibility of seeing reality in a new way. As an experiment for those who might wish to, the next time you have a drink of water, consider talking to the water either out loud or in your thoughts, asking to experience and to join with its sacred essence. If you were to do this, and if every human being were to do this, we would soon have a planet in which pollution of our streams, rivers, and oceans would no longer exist, and we would simultaneously begin to awaken to the deeper truth of the world around us. This learning and awakening are why we are here on Earth at this time, to experience life as sacred and ourselves in the same way as holy.


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