Dimensions of Consciousness: The Nature of Thought

GurujiMa  | 

Thoughts come to us from many different places… and so we can rarely say that any particular thought is our own.

We stand as a collective humanity on the brink of a new realization regarding what it means to be human. The realization that is dawning among us is that we are more than our personal histories, more than our personalities with their thoughts and emotions. Indeed, that our thoughts and the emotions they give rise to are only relatively real. They are energies that come from many places beyond ourselves, even while seeming to be our own.

We take our thoughts very seriously, just as we take our emotions very seriously, because we have been taught to do so over the long arc of time during which we, as humans, have inhabited the earth. We identify with this layer of our consciousness, often to the exclusion of all other layers. Today, we face a choice, however, and it is a powerful choice: to continue to limit ourselves by believing our limiting and self-negating thoughts, or to free ourselves from these perceptions and to only identify with thoughts that come from our deeper self or soul.

This possibility is emerging, now, for in the presence of expanding light on earth, each of us has greater access to the deeper layers of our own being. Within this emerging reality, it is possible to say to ourselves when negative, doubting, or limiting thoughts assail us: “These thoughts are not real. They are not me.”

Thoughts come to us from many different places: from our past history as souls upon the earth and the legacy this has left within us; from other people whose thought-energy we take in, often without knowing that we are doing so; from energies of a cosmic nature that create feelings of separation, negation, and self-invalidation, their purpose in a cosmic sense to foster within us a separation from the truth of who we are. These energies of separation and negation can operate within us without our even knowing they are there. Each of these sources influences the content of our thought-life, and so we can rarely say that any particular thought is our own, except that which comes from our own soul. Soul ‘thoughts’ are generous, loving, compassionate, peaceful, and life-affirming for ourselves and others. These are the polar opposite of thoughts that are self-critical, judgmental, contemptuous, angry, belittling, harsh, jealous, and fearful. Of this latter group, one would be wise to say that no one of these thoughts are ‘real.’ They are real as experience only. They are not real in their content.

In order to reject thoughts of negation and judgment, one must be determined to transform one’s consciousness toward the positive polarity that is possible for human beings today, toward the soul-level of our being. One must have set one’s standard high in relation to the kind of life one wants to live. Only such a high standard can promote the determination, persistence, courage, and risk-taking that one who rejects their limiting thoughts must cling to.

Still, there are many who are moving in this direction, today, many who are abandoning former ways of thinking in order to allow a new way of life to begin. These visionary souls are taking charge of their consciousness and are determining not to be ruled by the false assumption that “I am what I think.” Instead, they are willing to search for a new identity beyond habits of the past, and to expend time and energy in pursuit of this goal. Such a one may not transform negative thought patterns perfectly, but they are much more able to tell truth from falsehood in their own thinking and in the thinking of others. It is in such a direction that all of humanity is moving, and those who choose to dis-identify with the limiting thoughts that they have held as ultimately real are the wayshowers of tomorrow and the pioneers for what will be.


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