The Nature of Upheaval — Personal, National, Planetary

Guruji-Ma  | 

There are different kinds of upheaval that human beings must contend with. One kind is that produced by human motivations and differences — conflicts, wars, and battles played out within various formats — each costing lives and peace of mind, each upsetting the status quo or what would have been the status quo.

Then there is the Divine upheaval which is not produced by human intention, but by that Intention of a higher nature that penetrates the physical realm with its own purposes and allows human beings freedom of choice in how to respond to these purposes — to the new configurations of energy and events that come into existence.

Such is the nature of the process brought about by purification, both individual, national, and planetary. The forces of a Divine nature that activate and regulate the purification process are those that are inherent properties of spiritual light as it moves through time and space, bringing healing to all, and endeavoring to bring consciousness to a higher plane of awareness. The arrival and manifestation of such light is not a human choice but a Divine one, and therefore the effects of purification, once it is underway, can, for the most part, only be responded to. They cannot be changed through an act of will since they are built into the inherent structure of light, matter, and energy, and are properties of the interaction of a higher Consciousness with both the material and energetic levels of our dimensional experience.

Upheavals occur in relation to light’s activation in order to bring new structures into being. They are therefore transformative in intent, and radical in aim. Their purpose is to allow something new and needed to come into being.

To say that they cannot be altered by human intention is not entirely true, however, for prayer which asks that Divine will be done while simultaneously striving to bring one’s own personal will into alignment with the Divine, changes conditions within time and space and alters the process of purification itself, moving things that are by nature embedded in the physical plane to a higher level of vibration.

Upheavals of any kind are costly. They are costly in terms of the pain they may create, and they are costly in terms of the losses they bring to the way of life that has been, whether we picture that way in relationship terms, or in social, economic, and political terms. Upheavals alter the structures that we depend upon in order to regulate and maintain our lives with a modicum of smoothness so that we may take certain things for granted while focusing on others. Upheavals, by contrast, end the era of taking things for granted. They overturn premises. They loosen the firm foundation of existing structures. In doing all of these things they are fulfilling their purpose, the purpose of purification. For upheavals bring in the new.

It is part of the property of spiritual light to bring things, people, and relationships on both personal and global levels into greater wholeness. Light itself has no destructive intent within it, only an intention to bless and to offer more to the souls whom it benefits. Yet, while it manifests in the way of cleansing and purification, it may seem like something is being taken away rather than given. It may seem like Divine intention is punitive rather than loving. This is never the case.

Upheavals occur in relation to light’s activation in order to bring new structures into being. They are therefore transformative in intent, and radical in aim. Their purpose is to allow something new and needed to come into being.

With this in mind, we are asked, within the human experience, not to fear the overturning that upheavals create, even while new and large difficulties may present themselves, but rather to have trust that something new is being born out of the old, and something unpredicted and unpreddictable is making itself felt to change the status quo.

In the midst of an upheaval, it is often difficult to believe this, since on the human level we may be experiencing loss, fear, concern for the future, and a sense of disorder within the universe in which we live — the known and visible universe of things, people, and existing structures. Upheavals change all of this. They bring us face to face with our beliefs about the invisible. They bring us face to face with our sense of trust in a Divine order that underlies the physical.

Upheavals call upon each heart to find its way to the bedrock of its own trust in, and alignment with, the Divine — the source of strength that can carry us beyond the visible manifestations of what may be taking place, to a more certain future. We are entering such a time now — a time of upheaval — and it is incumbent upon each one who has a heart that can connect with a larger context in which to hold things, to establish such a connection and to anchor in it. For only such anchoring in a greater truth whose purposes are good and loving can hold us during a time of upheaval and of turbulence. The heart must strengthen and grow larger in order to sustain us through the unknowing and the turbulence of the times that lay ahead.


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