The New Light Body and the Growth of Energetic Sensitivity


As the body becomes more infused with light on a cellular level it also becomes more sensitive to the energies around it and within it that are not of the light. The perceptions of light and darkness are therefore part of the growth of the light body — energetic perceptions that primarily occur within the energy body but that can be felt within the physical body as well.

In the spiritual universe we move past rational explanations of causality into a world in which energies from one plane of reality can be felt on another, and where energies within our own physical reality can be transmitted from one person to another.

Awareness of light comes differently to each of us, conveying a sense of spaciousness, expansion, upliftment, clarity, and love. Awareness of darkness, when encountered, often conveys the opposite effect — sensations of disquiet, agitation, anxiety, fear, heaviness, or oppression. Within our present collective state of awareness we tend to experience energies of darkness as belonging to our personal self, to the emotions we believe ourselves to have and that we identify with. We do not think of these emotions as influenced by energies both within and outside of us, yet they are.

Light and darkness as energies are part of Creation, manifested at the same time as that which allowed all things to emerge from the Oneness. In the original divine Unity there was nothing that had a name, nothing separate from anything else. There was only Oneness. When Creation came into being through Divine intention, things began to separate from each other and opposites of each thing also came into being as the expression of the potentiality of each thing to assume various forms and qualities. In this way, what was originally bound together as light-darkness within the state of Unity, became separated out into distinct forces. These forces affect our emotions, they affect our lives, yet it is only when we incorporate more light into our bodies and consciousness that we become aware of them.

At present, when we feel negative emotions such as fear, anger, or depression we tend to look for their external causes. We do not think that they ‘just happen.’ Yet, in the spiritual universe that we inhabit we move into the Unknown, we move past rational explanations of causality into a world in which energies from one plane of reality can be felt on another, and where energies within our own physical reality can be transmitted from one person to another without their knowing it or intending that this be so. It is in this way that we are continually affected by forces beyond our perception that influence both how we feel and who we perceive ourselves to be.

How this happens will, at some point, become the basis for a new science of spiritual energy. But for now, we are learning the way of recognizing energies as they impact our daily lives, and must go beyond our traditional psychological explanations in order to refine our perceptions. This will allow us to respond with greater choice to the situations we find ourselves in. In the presence of energies of various kinds, our choice needs to be to remain aligned with the truth of our own deepest being, the truth of love and light, and when something takes us away from that truth, our commitment needs to allow us to take a clear look not only at external situations that may be limiting our love, but at the energies we may be experiencing that are creating this effect as well.

The spiritual world unlike the world of scientific knowledge is a world of mystery in which forces act upon each other and upon our lives, often for unknown reasons. Lack of recognition of these forces has limited our freedom to respond to situations in the most adaptive way. Now, with greater awareness growing that accompanies the growth of our light body, we can choose to recognize the multi-level, multi-dimensional influences that are affecting our lives so that we may remain faithful to the foundational principle of our own existence which is love.

The energy of darkness is opposed to light and love on all levels of expression. It cannot contain it. Here, on the physical plane, its oppositional effect can be felt most strongly and with the greatest force. It is because of this force and because of the separation of most of humanity from the direct experience of their Divine nature that darkness gains a foothold, fostering, as it does so, an even greater separation from the truth of our being. As we become more conscious, however, as we begin to recognize who we are and allow ourselves to trust our own learning process, we can learn to recognize the energies that are present within our daily life, to recognize and to allow this recognition to bring us to a new view of reality and of what it means to be human. For humanity is meant to no longer be separate from the Divine or from knowledge of the Divine, but to feel the truth of Oneness that exists throughout the Universe and to allow that Oneness to inform our life on Earth as individualized expressions of the One.


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