The New Magnetism

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Movement toward the soul or psychic being is signaled by the greater expansion of joy and freedom to be. It can be about very small things that occur during the day, both inner and outer… It can be because one is feeling more firmly committed to the Divine path.

There is a phenomenon taking place on the Earth today which I have called the ‘new magnetism.’ In its essence it is not new, but describes the increased ‘pull’ of the higher planes of spirit toward the lower vibrational planes, this pull intending to uplift, transform, evolve, and raise the lower toward the higher. The work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother was entirely about this, and in their lifetimes brought forward a far greater capacity for humanity to transform the plane of consciousness and experience.

However, in order for more to be accomplished in this realm, physical matter which they described in various ways as inert, inconscient, tamasic, and difficult to move, had to be capable of absorbing a new vibration, the vibration of the higher planes of light, so that what was heavy, opaque, and habitual on the physical level could also move toward the plane of the soul.

The movement toward the transformation of physical matter through the influx of greater spiritual light was one that they contributed to and foresaw, but it could not move faster because it was not yet time. It was only time that was lacking for the planes of matter to be further infused by the higher planes of light, by the ‘supramental’ plane, so that matter and spirit could fuse to a greater degree.

This fusion of energy is happening to a far greater extent today, brought about by what some Native American peoples refer to as the great ‘Day of Purification.’ It is time for the Earth to release the darkness and opacity that has been carried in her physical body so that she can as a body and as a Being be transformed into a planet of peace and light.

This is and was the aim of the work of Sri Aurobindo and Mother, and they are still constantly overseeing this process of planetary transformation. However, for the process to complete itself, all human beings must be raised to the soul level of their being so that they can match and contribute to the new energy that the physical body of the Earth wishes to carry.
In order to do this, I have described a path by which the older heavier energies that are part of the physical and emotional or ‘vital being’ can be let go of, and the new energy of the soul be brought forth. This path is simple to describe but difficult to climb. It requires the total commitment that Sri Aurobindo wrote about in his book “The Mother.” It requires intense and deliberate aspiration, total rejection of all that is not the higher, and total surrender. Clearly, human beings approach this totality, each in their own way and in their own time. Here, however, I would like to briefly describe the path upward in language that is my own, but not dissimilar from that of Sri Aurobindo in “The Mother.”

The embeddedness in the emotional or ‘vital being’ has been brought about by its association with the physical body, and it is this physical bonding that has made it often very difficult to let go of habitual emotions. Instead, one goes back and forth between darkness and light, between holding on and letting go, between negativity and a positive outlook, etc. This is the drama that gets played out on the emotional or vital plane within most human beings most of the time. It involves:

  • vacillation in aspiration,
  • ambivalence in motivation, and
  • incompleteness in surrender.

It is not wrong or bad, simply incomplete and part of the passage toward the higher.

On the other hand, and supported by the new energy of light, it is possible, now, to release this plane of emotionality and desire, of passion and clinging that comprise the vital being, and to strive with greater success toward the psychic being or soul. The vital being does not disappear in such an instance, but becomes subservient to the needs and emotions of the soul. Here, the path is shaped by several things:

  • identification with the soul layer of being rather than the emotional layer,
  • clinging to one’s soul-purpose as the primary motivation rather than lower motivations,
  • hope and trust in the joy and freedom that can become possible, and
  • rejection of negation which includes rejection of all that is unlike the soul’s qualities, values, and feelings.

This last is the hardest for human beings to accomplish. ‘Rejection of negation’ involves a high level of self-awareness so that one knows when one is being ‘negative,’ and one knows that something else in the way of feeling or desiring might be possible. This is not always the case. ‘Rejection of negation’ also involves the willing surrender of entitlement to criticize, to judge, to blame, to feel self-righteous, to abandon all that detracts from the principle of love, including love for oneself. Often, it becomes easier to see ‘negation’ or negative thinking when it is about someone else. However, the subtleties of our emotional life allow for pockets of self-doubt, unclarity, and resistance when it comes to feelings concerning the self. When and to the extent that these ‘pockets’ remain, we develop feelings of shame, self-hatred, a sense of inadequacy or failure, or on a more gentle note, a feeling of malaise and of not having fully discovered or expressed one’s deepest purpose in life. This can lead to a sense of dissatisfaction with self that may not have an outer referent, but that accompanies the life of the vital being at all times. One must recognize this sense of self-dissatisfaction in order to release it.

Movement toward the soul or psychic being is signaled by the greater expansion of joy and freedom to be. It can be about very small things that occur during the day, both inner and outer. It can be because one has successfully separated from a negative emotion. It can be because one is feeling more firmly committed to the Divine path. It can be because the ‘rejection of negation’ has placed one in the experience of the joy of soul which is its essence and is always present, no matter what the outer circumstance.

This passage from the vital being that is connected with the physical being, to the psychic being or soul, is being supported today by the ‘new magnetism’ in a way that has been awaited by Sri Aurobindo and Mother, and that is accelerating the availability of this pathway to all. It requires of us the determination to live fully and consciously in this time, along the lines that have already been given, the lines of aspiration, rejection, and surrender. This is the path and the doorway that is more fully opened today, and each inhabitant of the Earth is invited to walk along this Divine path.


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