A Storm is Building

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When the sense of threat builds, then parties in a controversy are less likely to rely on negotiation to resolve their difficulties, but may tend, instead, to do away with fear by any means that seems necessary, based on the exigencies of the moment.

I have written in previous articles about the mistrust that is building in America between ‘left’ and ‘right’, conservatives and liberals, those who call themselves ‘protectors of the Constitution’, and those who are portrayed as violators.

In this week’s unfolding of the political crisis surrounding the health care reform proposal, the Democratic party, feeling threatened as a viable party should the health care proposal be defeated, is planning to move a bill through Congress using the special procedure known as ‘reconciliation’ which would require fewer votes to pass. For some within this party, it is felt that the party stands or falls on the basis of this bill’s passage, and so the stakes are very high.

Pray for peace and unity based on the underlying trust that a way toward harmony and cooperation can be found. This can happen when one honors the underlying motives of each side toward manifesting the good.

There are others who feel that the risks are even higher — that such a vote will be seen as another example of government manipulation and assertion of power, and that a backlash will ensue on the part of the opposition.

The loss of party credibility is not the only motivation pushing for passage of heath care reform. Many feel that social legislation of this kind has been needed for a long time, and that it will benefit not only people, but the economy as a whole. However, voices against this perspective are very loud. For many, the perceived threat to individual freedom due to increased government intervention in private life is extreme. This is considered a graver threat than that which relates to party.

As I have said before, the perception of threat is based on a breakdown of trust in common values that belong to all within this country. This schism is being fueled by energies that would work to prevent unity from being established within the United States, and is merging with people’s individual fears in order to perpetuate conflict. What is at stake, is the goal of preventing this country from manifesting its specific spiritual purpose in the world. Each country has such a purpose, and gathering forces are engaged to prevent such expression and expansion.

The battle between light and darkness will ultimately see a victory for the forces of light, for light is stronger than all forces that seek to oppose it. Yet, to the extent that we wish to bring this victory closer and to mitigate the consequences of ongoing struggle, we must identify ourselves with underlying values that belong to the whole nation, including all of its people, not only with those we, at the present moment, agree with. The victory of light lies in the ability of all to remember that however diverse, we are one.

This union is hard to see right now. The current landscape is filled with many voices denouncing the President, the entire administration, Congress, and the federal government as a whole. Lines of engagement are becoming more clearly drawn, bulding upon the current atmosphere of fear and threat. Such emotions have been and can become even more powerful forces to be used for purposes that are not of the light.

Given this emotional climate, it is important that all who are concerned for the future of America pray for peace and unity based on the underlying trust that a way toward harmony and cooperation can be found. This can happen when one honors the underlying motives of each side toward manifesting the good, both for individuals and for the country, as well as the motives toward preserving the fundamental values inherent in our foundational documents. Such trust is presently being eroded, and therefore this country faces a potential spiritual crisis as well as a moral, economic, and political one.

Though forces of light within all dimensions are strong and are watching over the present situation, our collective prayers for America, her leaders and her people, are needed, so that the level of hostility that is building and being reinforced can be diminished and dissolved within the overriding light of love.


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