Creating a New and Sacred World

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Pillars of Consciousness: Love,  Trust, Cooperation, Surrender, Unity — the building blocks of a new and sacred society.

Five ‘pillars of consciousness’  that can form the foundation for a new and sacred society are: love, trust, cooperation, surrender, and unity. These ‘pillars’ represent a shift to a new ethic of love that can become the basis for interactions between people and among groups at all levels of society — within families, among work or social groupings, within governments, and between nations. The quality of love that is required, however, must free itself from the ego, and must partake of an energy that is purer than has been customary on the human level — an energy which is inclusive of all and which embraces the unity of life out of a deep sense of interconnectedness. Love and unity are the pillars of a sacred society built on the consciousness of oneness with all of life and with the Divine Creator of all.

As part of this shift in consciousness, many on the planet have already benefited from the greater spiritual light available which has been, and is opening the heart to new potentials that have not been present before. There is a longing that is becoming more widespread to end the state of division, enmity, elitism, exclusion, and to celebrate the existence of one human family. This shift in awareness is happening despite the resistance that it encounters on individual and group levels. It is being furthered by individuals and groups everywhere who strive to maintain an attitude of love and light in their dealings with others, no matter what the external circumstances. This latter is important, for the motivation toward unity must be strong in order to counter forces of habit and of opposition that may limit the potential for the arrival of the new.

Each inhabitant of the Earth, no matter what their degree of awareness, is participating in this consciousness shift. Indeed, it is the reason for our being here at this time. Even if resistance may be encountered, all is moving forward in the direction of the new consciousness and all counter-tendencies may be seen as part of the global purification currently taking place. It is this that will ultimately set free the new Heart of mankind and shape the consciousness of a new Earth.

Each inhabitant of the Earth, no matter what their degree of awareness, is participating in this consciousness shift. Indeed, it is the reason for our being here at this time.

Many groups have made headway in recent decades toward the furtherance of these goals. Groups with sacred intent can operate on multiple levels: on the level of consciousness and causality — through meditation, prayer, and the transmission of light energy directly to people and situations; through collective action designed to manifest the goals of love and unity in a concrete or material form; and through our own way of life which casts its aura on the surroundings and people whom we have contact with, bringing the integrity of our being into play as an influence upon all whom we meet.

Within the sphere of love-as-social-action, there are many groups who seek to identify with the suffering of the world and to extend hands and hearts to help ease the burden. One such group is the well-known ‘Habitat for Humanity’ that has taken upon itself the goal of removing conditions of insufficient shelter, wherever they occur, for all inhabitants of the Earth.

Unity cannot be created without each one of us sharing who we are and what we have to give. It is built out of our inherent capacity to be human in the most fundamental way possible.

All blessings to the Earth at this time of transition and to the inhabitants of the Earth who are so beautifully exercising their free choice to assist the expansion of love, light, and healing on the planet.


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