There Are No Impasses — Talk at Light Omega, Aug. 12, 2018


Beneath that feeling that things cannot change, there is something else going on. This is true because of the inherent properties of spiritual light. Because light is intrinsically stronger than darkness, it is continually moving the contracted place into another level of its own evolution.

Namaste. I want to talk with you this morning about a common belief that we have — a belief in being ‘stuck.’ This is a common reference, and I’d like to put before you the idea that what looks like it is ‘stuck’ on one level is actually moving on another level. What I’m saying is that an ‘impasse’ — what looks like something that can’t move or change — is a result of contraction, forces that are compressing the expansion of light so that in that moment or for that period of time, it feels like things cannot change. Yet, beneath that feeling that things cannot change, there is something else going on. This is true because of the inherent properties of spiritual light. Because light is intrinsically stronger than darkness, it is continually moving the contracted place into another level of its own evolution.

You could say that about yourself or you could say that about the Earth. What looks a certain way on the outer level — for example, that things are going downhill within ourselves or within the world — may, beneath that, hold the reality that things are not going downhill but uphill. Uphill — this is the energy of light producing the releasing of the energetic pattern that contains the image of things going downhill. Beneath that pattern, a whole other process may be going on.

If we thought this way, we would have courage and not feel overwhelmed by what looks like an impasse. We get ‘stuck’ thinking of ourselves and of others in a habitual way. For example, one of the common statements we make about our identity is made from the perspective of duration, namely, “I’ve always been this way.”

“I’ve always been a person who talks too much.”

“I’ve always been a person who’s afraid of being visible.”

“I’ve always been a person who is more comfortable talking with one person at a time than talking in a group.”

These are common ways of referring to our ‘character.’ We think that something is the way it is because we’ve always been that way. We do this all the time. We refer to ourselves as static. And so out of that belief we create an expectation that nothing can change because “we’ve always been this way.”‘ This belief undermines the reality of how change actually takes place.

Change within a spiritual life takes place through an interaction of human intention and Divine intention. That is what a spiritual life is about. It’s about change, about growth, and about transformation. It’s not static. So there needs to be enough courage and enough confidence to know that every time you say: “I’ve always been this way. I’ve always had this kind of reaction,” you are digging a hole for yourself. You are digging a hole with the belief that something is permanent when it doesn’t need to be that way. It doesn’t need to be that way because in the context of doing something in partnership with an energy of light, if you see something that needs to be done, the light supports the new pattern.

We are talking about an energy pattern here, the energy of the personality. The personality is composed of energy patterns that we acquired prior to taking birth. We chose the personality and the energy patterns we would incarnate with and these became tendencies or proclivities that incorporated themselves into our DNA and our psyche. What we were going to deal with in a given lifetime was established at the very beginning. For many, there are energy patterns that are characteristic of their entire life, patterns we tend to think of in a psychological way simply as ‘who we are.’ From a psychological perspective, we think about a problematic pattern, then, in terms of: “I have to work this out. What do I need to do in order to work this out.?” The emphasis here is on ‘I’, not on ‘we. ‘We’ allows for the joining of human will with Divine will.

We get in our own way because of thinking in terms of permanence. We emphasize and perpetuate the past by saying: “I have always been this way.” What is beyond this? We need to have courage. We need to be able to take a risk. We need to believe that there is such a thing as a human-Divine partnership that creates a new synergy that influences whatever is trying to change within us, a potency created by the joining of human and Divine intention.

Awareness is needed. Asking for guidance is needed. The idea of not being alone is needed. But that is the way of a spiritual life. It is to attune to the forces that can collaborate and be in partnership with the desired end.

There are energies that human beings carry that can be very potent, that also create what looks like an impasse, energies that are taken on for personal learning and for service to all. Anyone who is listening to my words can think about what the balance might be between the two within themselves, the balance of what one has taken on for personal learning and what one has taken on in order to serve the Earth. Yet, even in the presence of energies that create negative thought patterns, negative emotional patterns, or negative physical patterns — even in the presence of these, we have the possibility of creating a new entry point into the whole constellation of what is possible, not through a direct assault or through a direct challenge of the will against opposing forces, but through seeing what is possible; by acknowledging that something is gripping us but nevertheless continuing to seek what is possible in terms of changing attitudes.

Many of you know from your own spiritual learning that what you believe you become. So, if you believe that you are not changeable, if you believe that you are ‘stuck,’ then, you have a better chance of being stuck. If you believe that all you can do is repeat old patterns, then that is likely what you will do. But if you are in a place where you can feel something true about partnership with the Divine, and if you are willing to take a risk to do something different — it almost doesn’t matter what you choose to do, just so long as you don’t do the same thing that you have been doing before — then things can change.

There is a way of becoming really childlike about this in terms of what taking a risk means. Do something that you haven’t done before. Allow yourself to do something you haven’t done and maybe it will work out and maybe it won’t. The benefit is in breaking the hold of the energy pattern and in breaking the hold of the belief that “this is how I’ve always been.”

This is a way to work within and around what looks like an impasse. It is based on the fact that you are a soul, and as a soul you have access to light, and having access to light, you have a capacity to do more than just through your own will because of the intention of light that can work in concert with human intention.

There are those of you who have taken on very difficult energies in service to the Earth, not so much in relation to your own learning but in service to the Earth, and I am not in any way saying that these energies can be eradicated through your own will. This is because where an energy has been taken on in service, it is there until Divine timing causes it to leave. Yet, even in the presence of a difficult energy, light is intrinsically more powerful than anything else. This is because your soul is a microcosm of the Source. Existing within you is the entire universe and the Source of Creation. Therefore, when you are trying to get past an impasse, you need to work with the elements of belief that have been discussed — to not get involved with character statements of: “I have always been this way,” Also, to be willing to take a risk and to feel that you are capable of changing because there is something else going on in you other than the impasse. You are capable of doing something else.

You may feel: “I don’t know what else there is to do” in a particular situation. Therein lies the way of a spiritual life, the way of continuing to move through anything that comes along, based on the principles of light. It is the way of asking for guidance, of breathing, and of continuing to ask for guidance until something in you clarifies that there is a better way of doing something. Yet, clarity is not enough. Courage also needs to be present — the courage to change your existing energy pattern.

The way that I’m talking about is not primarily about the will. Intention is will, and so is taking a risk in the presence of fear. In this case, we say: “I’m afraid, but I’m going to do this thing anyway.” This is also a matter of will. But that is not enough. It is not enough. There has to be a heart connection with the Divine, a willingness to ask for help, to ask for whatever assistance of the soul light there may be in order to alter and reintegrate a pattern that doesn’t seem to want to move. Very often there has to be guidance to show you an alternative, because when we’ve been doing things for a very long time, it’s hard to know what else is possible.

What you tell yourself about what is possible is the start.  For example, a common belief is that personality is shaped by the time you are six years old and after that it’s all over. That’s a common premise from another time. Yet, even if that were true for most of your adult life, even then, when you decide that you are going to enter spiritual reality in a conscious way, everything that you have defined that belonged to the ‘other’ reality is open to change.

You are part of Creation. The force of Creation gave birth to worlds, to universes, to multiverses, so why can it not give birth to something new in you? The same principle applies, the principle of Creation unfolding the new through the energy of light. Light is the energetic force of Creation that unfolds something new, whether we are talking about the ‘big-gang,’ or something new within ourselves. The embodied self gets tired, gets discouraged, and feels that something that is difficult is impossible. For this reason, the power of light is something to think of whenever you are feeling this way, that something is impossible to move or to move through. It involves courage, confidence, partnership with the Divine, and not believing that you were fully formed before the age of six.

Do you know what miracles are? What the miraculous is? This is what we say when something comes from the level of the Divine to the level of the human and we have the perception that reality just changed in an instant through an act based in divine Mystery. We feel that reality just changed. This is the definition of the miraculous, and we are operating with the same energy of Creation within ourselves. Therefore, we are able to hold that change, in cooperation with the miraculous, is possible within us and for us through Divine cooperation. And this can take place even in the presence of energies of contraction.

When you consider these things, ask yourself: “What am I holding back? What am I afraid of doing that’s new? What am I believing?” Remember that a risk does not have to have a perfect outcome, especially at first; it does not have to work out. It can just be an effort to do something new in order to break up the old pattern that has been followed. Another way of saying this that is more poetic is that: “living in God’s reality makes all things possible.” All things.

We pray for all beings who are suffering from loneliness, depression, despair, hopelessness, and the sense of not having a way out of an existing situation or a way through it. We pray for all beings, including ourselves, who are living with a situation that is painful. Let us hold, for all, the understanding that there is always a way through an impasse. There is always a way to work with it, to be with it, and to hold to the power of light within ourselves in order to allow what is possible of the new to come forth.

May the world be blessed by our hope for the world, and may all hearts that despair be blessed by our hope for them. Om namo Bhagavate.

Addendum: I did not say this during the talk but want to add: One of the things that I do in relation to what I have shared is to listen. I listen carefully to what people say and am always attuned to the new, to what is flowing up from that inner stream of life that is the life of the soul that is always present. It is always present. If you listen, you may be able to hear something that surprises you from someone speaking to you. This stream of life says: “this person (speaking) is becoming more conscious of such-and-such.” They may not feel that they are becoming more conscious, but if you listen, you may hear the ‘movement of the inner planets,’ the movement of what is trying to emerge. This is because it is the nature of the soul to always seek to manifest on the plane of the physical. It is why souls have become embodied within physical form, and it is each soul’s purpose.


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