The Purification of Doubt


There is no need to fear being in a state of doubt or uncertainty. It is only the desire of the ego-mind which is accustomed to being in control that creates a fear of the unknown.

Beloved children of God, there are those of you who do not yet believe that God’s reality is real, who continue to feel based on rational premises, that what is credible and trustworthy is what is connected with the power of science to verify things and with the power of mind to understand them. This perspective, which emphasizes the intellect, has been hard won over many thousands of years, and for many it is not one to be relinquished lightly. And yet there are, today, many more available ways of knowing things than have existed in the past, and many more that bypass the mind entirely. In order to move into the new, such ways must be assimilated and given a home within the heart so that the new reality can have a place in which to reside.

Doubt, beloved ones, occurs within the mind. The heart, by contrast, may feel a degree of conviction about something even while the mind is uncertain and doubtful. Furthermore, in addition to the heart with its access to emotional and intuitive truths, there are also other senses now developing within the human brain and awareness which are giving rise to new pathways of knowledge and to a new appraisal of the nature of reality. This change in the mechanism by which we knowthings is coming about because of the increased presence of light on the earth — light which is unfolding human potentials that had previously lain dormant. As a result, new capabilities and new sensitivities are developing among many, and these require a relinquishing of control by the mind in order that they be given a chance to expand and to contribute to knowledge of a different kind.

Doubt, in addition to creating uncertainty or disbelief on the mental level, is often accompanied by emotional attitudes that are reflections of the division within the self. One part of the self may be willing to believe something or to trust it based on non-logical criteria, while the other part looks on contemptuously with an attitude of superiority or disdain, undermining the capacity of the first part to feel firmly rooted in its own point of view. Contempt and disdain, as well as the attitude of superiority which often accompanies these, are not necessary accompaniments of doubt which can be open-minded, curious, and innocent. They are the effects of dark energies which attach themselves to the mental process in order to control further movement toward the light. Often, the very existence of these dark energies is also doubted, and so a situation is produced which is fertile ground within which the mind’s desire to remain in control can take root, while the heart and all the other developing senses remain undermined and disregarded.

In the presence of doubt, what is needed is to return to a heart of innocence where not knowing is acceptable in relation to uncertainty. With an openness to non-know, and with a desire to leave oneself available to new experience, the mental process can be defused so that the emotional components of contempt and disdain can be eliminated or at least minimized.

For those who, in following the dictates of the heart over the mind, feel a need for reassurance that they are not acting foolishly, let this be said:

In the presence of doubt, wisdom can arise, perhaps even more so than in the presence of premature certainty. Therefore, it is not doubt that needs to be discarded, but rather the impression that one can make a serious mistake by going in an unfamiliar direction, and that the price that might have to be paid would be too great. This price, the darkness would have one believe, is the undermining of the most central beliefs that one has held onto.

Such is not the case, dear ones. Exploring new terrain does not have to undermine all one’s most cherished beliefs unless these beliefs are already in question and are ripe for questioning. Then, doubt, comes as an activating and health-giving tool, useful to both mind, heart, and imagination in producing a new evaluation of what the conscious self has deemed to be real and true. Sometimes, the picture of what is real and true must change in order that something that has greater truth in it may become known, and for this purpose, openness to increasing truth in the presence of doubt is always a useful perspective.

For this reason there is no need to fear being in a state of doubt or uncertainty. It is only the desire of the ego-mind which is accustomed to being in control that creates a fear of the unknown, and that would ward off the possibility for acknowledging another way of knowing that could be beneficial. If the mind is assuaged with the understanding that one is pursuing greater truth, and that in order to do so, the unfamiliar must be absorbed and understood as well as the habitual, it may become more possible to keep an open-mind and to allow other ways of perceiving reality to come into being.

The denial of the existence of dark energies that affect the mind can simultaneously have a repressive effect on the pursuit of truth and on an ability to open to new vistas. For these energies work to create subtle and seductive rationalizations as to why one should reject the new and cling to the old. The process of rationalization itself is often fueled by dark energies, and their victory lies in the ability to convince the conscious self that something that is being put forward as a new idea is either ridiculous, dangerous, or not worth looking into.

Beloved ones, let the desire to open to the greater being of who you are be your guide in this situation. Let it guide you toward the knowledge of your heart which is more firmly connected with your soul and with Divine truth than your mind may be, irrespective of what the current view is that the mind may hold. Breathe into your heart in the presence of doubt and let go of fear, and the rest of the process will work toward the further opening to your awareness of greater truth and understanding. Blessings.


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