The Right to Nourishment


Nourishment is not an option. It is a human right. The food that nourishes my body and spirit belongs to all and must be available to all. The body that seems to be ‘my’ body is but one layer of my self. It is one layer, but not the only layer, nor is it the truth of the Whole.

When all perceive themselves to be part of one body, then all will exist in harmony with the Earth and her needs, and the rains will fall and the sun will shine on an Earth that can be productive in a whole new way.

Nourishment in the way of food and food resources is the right of all because all are part of one Body. All are part of one Self. This Self has become diminished in reality and invisible because of the legacy of separation that has been part of the human past. This legacy has been founded on the premise of ‘survival of the fittest,’ formulated in consciousness millennia ago and developed over time. Such a premise declares that each must take care of themselves in order to live, and that those who are best able to take care of themselves will survive. These perceptions which have been true and yet are not truest, are based on a sense of self that lives within the body, a sense of self that is separated by the skin. And while the body is an organic whole which defines the integrity of the physical organism, there is a spiritual organism that is also an organic whole of greater inclusiveness, of greater power, and this organic whole is the body of All, including the body of the Earth and the body of all other beings.

Each one is part of this greater Body. Each is this body. When and to the extent that this is recognized, it will no longer be possible to feed one part of this body while allowing another part to go hungry. It will no longer be possible to accept as fate the historical belief that the world will always have the poor and starving in it, a belief that has allowed for greater indifference while overconsumption in certain parts of the world remains.

Such a belief will no longer be possible because an inner necessity, based on a new truth, will make it impossible to deny the connection with the rest of one’s self. It will be impossible to witness others who have remained without nourishment or to continue to do so. And out of this inner necessity will come the means for rectifying the situation. Out of this inner necessity will come new pathways for food distribution and food production. Only the limited consciousness of such inner necessity prevents this, for the Earth has been created to provide for all. She is ready to do so. It is the limitation of separated awareness that has not yet come to find the ways of assisting the Earth in her dedicated and chosen task of nourishment.

Nourishment does not only mean the taking in of enough food to live. It is also and equally the right to nourish one’s spirit through the nourishment of one’s body, so that what is sweet and pleasant to the mouth becomes sweet and pleasant to the soul. Food is nourishing to both when it is whole, when it is vital, when it is uncontaminated, when it is fed by the sun and nourished by the ground in which it is grown, in a word, when it is nourishing. Then the food of the Earth becomes sweet to the taste and nourishes both body and soul.

The Earth has come into being willingly, gladly, in order to perform the task of nourishing all. It is not impossible. It is possible. It is possible when all perceive themselves to be part of one body, and when the separate bodies that form the physical organism of each one are perceived as only one aspect of that greater Body, one extension of that body. When all perceive themselves to be part of one body, then all will exist in harmony with the Earth and her needs, and the rains will fall and the sun will shine on an Earth that can be productive in a whole new way.

Millions and billions of people have gone hungry over millennia of time because of the legacy of separated consciousness. Millions and billions of people have never tasted the sweet fruit of nourishment. And those who have may have pitied the condition of these others or even tried to help, and yet true help could not be possible until the overall picture of the right to nourishment could be built on a stronger foundation of knowledge that all are part of one living Body. And just as one would not let harm come to one’s arm, or leg, or fingers, or toes, willingly or by choice, the larger Self which is the collective Body of all could no more do this either.

The Earth is capable of providing for all when all are one with her Body and one with each other. Then the needs of one become the needs of all, and the needs of all become the needs of one. Then there is no longer a fight for survival and a willingness to believe that only the strong survive by being more capable of looking after themselves. How many millions of lives have been lost because of these beliefs? How many billions?

We are approaching the time now of learning about nourishment, the time of learning about the one Body. Now, those who are capable of opening themselves to greater compassion and greater love, who can no longer tolerate indifference within themselves — these will be the forerunners of the future. They will be the guarantors of that future, bringing it into existence. For indifference based on the sense of living within one’s physical body while remaining separate from all other bodies has allowed the right to nourishment to remain invisible. It has allowed acceptance of the inequality of food distribution and food resources to remain a legacy of history.

This legacy will change because it must. It will change because the greater self within each embodied being is awakening now, and with its awakening will come the inner need to change what has been assumed to be true, to change the fundamental assumptions. This inner necessity will open new pathways for production, cultivation, distribution, and creation of food and food resources. It will do this because it will be perceived as necessary to do this, not optional.

Out of this will come a life for an Earth that has waited a very long time to provide her abundance to all and to be seen as the source of nourishment for all. Out of this will come a sense of unity that the one Body will give rise to that transcends all cultures, all religions, all classes, and all forms of embodied being. It is this Self of all that will see to it that nourishment becomes a human right, and that what I put into ‘my’ mouth becomes available to all. This will be part of the new declaration of human rights, and it will be based on a new reality that is being born now. This new reality is being born as the soul of life and of truth that is the Divine essence within each awakens now, and calls each one to the deepest truths of their being.

May the blessings of this time be forthcoming so that the right to nourishment creates the possibility of nourishment for all.


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