Energetic Influences on the Creation of Physical Symptoms


There are many things yet to be learned about the nature of our physical bodies as they interface with the energy bodies that gives rise to them. The energy body of each of us has a direct impact on what we experience physically, yet, for the most part, we do not acknowledge it as a real entity. This is due to the fact that we define ‘reality’ in terms of what can be physically observed, measured, and reproduced. Yet, as our spiritual senses open and what we deem to be ‘observable’ changes and expands, new ways will be found to understand and explore our energy body and its effects on our physical body. This outcome will be based on the growing understanding that all is energy, the physical level being a more condensed or denser version of the totality of energies that comprise who we are.

There is no physical symptom, issue, or problem that cannot be changed by altering the energetic conditions that produce it, as well as the conditions of consciousness that give rise to it.

Because of the mutual influence of our physical and energy bodies, a relational science of the future will understand that everything that develops as a specific area of dysfunction in the physical body starts out as an issue in need of healing in the energy body. However, because energy is not separate from consciousness but rather influences it and is influenced by it, we may anticipate that the scientific exploration of the future will be one that explores how energy, consciousness, and the physical body interact with each other. This exploration has already begun, but relative to what can be known, is still in its infancy.

Today, as many suffer from physical symptoms that have both diagnosed and undiagnosed origins, it is important to understand that there is no physical symptom, issue, or problem that cannot be changed by altering the energetic conditions that produce it, as well as the conditions of consciousness that give rise to it.

All symptoms that arise within the physical level of our being represent part of a healing theme or area of healing that our soul has chosen to take on prior to taking birth. It is not that the precise symptom is chosen, but rather that the area of vulnerability on the physical level represents an energetic limitation within the energy body, as well as a limitation in consciousness. In both cases, spiritual light which maintains the physical body in its corporeal life has become blocked or constrained.

In addition to having chosen healing themes prior to taking birth which manifest later on as physical symptoms, there are also energies of separation or opposition to light that many experience, whether they come from within one’s own energy body or from something external to the self. These energies can appear within a single lifetime and be related to one’s spiritual purpose during that lifetime, or they can transfer from lifetime to lifetime. Such energies may lay dormant for a long while, only to emerge when there is greater light present. This light allows greater healing to take place, and the energies of opposition to activate and become more visible. Though energies of opposition to light are part of the cosmic picture of Creation, they are often experienced as belonging to the self, not as external to the self.

This is the case with many of us today. Energies of opposition to light that have been dormant for some time, as a result of activation by greater light on the Earth, often create symptoms through a direct influence upon the physical body. (Remember that the energy body and the physical body are not separate from each other, but rather interpenetrate each other). As a result, it is sometimes difficult to tell whether a physical symptom that arises should be approached as a physical-level problem or as one that has been introduced from a different level, the level of energy. Such energies of opposition are not personal, though they may be experienced as such. They are part of Creation and of the drama of light and darkness interacting on the physical plane. Energies that are not light influence far more of our individual and collective functioning than we have heretofore been aware of.

Some of the specific areas in which energies of separation or opposition can create or influence physical symptoms include:

  • sinus issues and congestion
  • brain function causing inability to think clearly or focus
  • body temperature variation including extremes of hot and cold
  • swelling of the outer limbs
  • severe headaches
  • rashes, itching, and skin inflammation
  • urinary incontinence
  • digestive difficulties
  • slower healing of cuts and wounds than usual

The above list includes some of the ways that energies of separation or opposition to light can affect our physical functioning. Our way of dealing with these influences is ultimately based on the premise we hold about reality. If we hold that we are souls created by the Divine, and that there is a deeper self within us which exists as a portion of the Divine, we can better understand how choices we have made prior to taking birth can influence physical functioning. In addition, we can understand how physical functioning might be influenced by energies of both light and darkness, the latter seeking to interfere with the expression of our soul-purpose in life.

Our human bodies are vulnerable to energies of different kinds. Yet the effect of oppositional energies will not always remain at the level that presently exists. As we each strengthen our alignment with light and experience more deeply the truth of our own Divine essence, the stability of the light that we are will effectively counteract all the vulnerabilities that presently exist, and we will be free to remain in the light of our own being, without external influences and without the creation of symptoms as part of our healing.  It is toward this goal that all of humanity is moving, and it is this goal that we may hold for ourselves as we engage with our own healing process.


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