The Practice of Sacred Breathing


Sacred breathing links our physical body with our higher energy bodies and acts as a transmitter of spiritual light. Such breathing affects consciousness as well, infusing it with Divine light.

The consciousness of light can infuse the process of breathing so that each breath literally draws down from the spiritual universe, a stream of light that nourishes, uplifts, and maintains an alignment with the higher realms, even while we remain grounded in our bodies upon the earth.

Breath, as the transporter of light, can be thought of as the vehicle of Creation which links the upper and lower realms, creating the potential for harmony and for living as a sacred being upon the earth. Such a being can be conscious at all times not only of physical life, but of what lies beyond this dimension.

The sacred Breath that emanates from God is not physical and it is not visible. It is a vibration that is carried on the physical breath which links all that lives, and is at the heart of a sacred life.

To breathe in this Breath does not involve being in deep meditation. It involves being quietly conscious of one’s intention and of the presence, at all times, of the invisible reality which supports our own. Then, it is possible to imagine that being solid is part truth and part illusion, and that we are porous to the entire universe if we do not construct barriers to this relationship within our minds. Even then, we are still porous and still connected. We just do not experience it.

As an approach to the practice of sacred breathing, there are a number of affirmations that can be said which place us in tune with the holy Breath of life. They affirm our identity with the Divine life within all. Here are two examples of these affirmations:

I am the sacred Breath. I am light and I am substance. I am the nurturer of life.

And the second:

I am the sacred Breath. I live in all things and all things live in me. I am love and I am Unity.

These are two expressions of the sacred Breath. It is possible to focus on one of these briefly, then to just sit silently for a few moments and breathe in light through the top of the head and the skin, into the lungs and the heart, and to feel it as nourishment for the entire body. The sacred Breath circulates within the body, carrying light to the cells themselves. We can visualize this easily in our mind’s eye, for it is an image that is based on spiritual truth.

Similarly, in the process of sacred breathing, we can breathe out all that is less than light — all that has been held onto out of fear, or ignorance, or a need to close down to the essential truth of who we are. This exhaled breath releases from our being, what never belonged to us in the first place. It helps to restore the original purity.

Breath circulates light. It is fundamental to living within a human body. It is simple. It is continuous. It is a gift of Creation and part of what it means to be a sacred human.


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